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Qantas adjusts domestic flights to improve Canberra reliability

Qantas has moved to address nation-leading flight cancellation rates on the Sydney to Canberra route, adjusting its schedule from next week and adding larger aircraft for capital flights. Flights between Canberra and Sydney topped the nation for cancellations in September, with Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development statistics showing cancellations reached 8.1 per cent of all flights, ahead of Sydney to Melbourne flights at 7.5 per cent and Melbourne to Sydney at 7.4 per cent. ( 更多...

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parisram007 1
I fly out of YSSY regularly and I gave up with the crap excuses Qantas use for cancelling flights because they cannot fill there aircraft. Now the PR stunt with the new B789 won't change passengers minds after the Kiwi Carrier already announced they flew there B789 ZK-NZC from EGLL direct to Rockhampton airport without refueling and only 100 passengers aboard it only just made it. So this BS stunt Qantas CEO says the can do it from YPPH to EGLL fully loaded cannot be done Boeing says they need to refuel and stop somewhere. Anything for 30 seconds of fame


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