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Short-Landing Boeing 737 Crew Failed to Notify Airport Over Damage

Polish investigators have disclosed that an Air Europa Boeing 737-800 crew failed to inform airport or air traffic control after landing far short at Katowice and carving through the airport's approach light structures. ( More...

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Frank Harvey 3
This occurred ten years ago ? Multiple contributing factors: Straight in approach to "save fuel". Viz below min and straight in approach so no assessment and review of conditions. Viz below min but saving fuel important so probable desire to avoid circuit/go around/divert to alternate. Initial approach too high. High sink rate needed but maintained too long.

Who was making the decisions ? Was there a misunderstanding as to when the left seat would take over from the right/who would decide when to ease out of descent ?

How much fuel was saved vs a/c repair cost.

At least the gear (and tires) robust enough to support touchdown(s)/braking/taxi.
Bill Osborne 2
Let me see.. It wiped out the lights and biff bang walloped everything hanging off the plane like flaps etc and they never told ATC or whoever, so how many days later did the airport discover the damage? I exaggerate of course but this report seems to suggest it may have never been discovered. Just saying....
ToddBaldwin3 1
It'll buff out.
A couple of pictures of the plane:
Roger Curtiss 1
"You know, I noticed those scratches and dents on my walk around before the flight but I forgot to mention it. Wonder how they got there?"
linbb 2
Cut rate airlines with low paid inexperienced pilots a big accident waiting to happen.
gerardo godoy 1
This plane is now used by Comair as ZS-ZWR.
G Aldridge 1
According to the 2007 Flightglobal report on the incident, someone at the airport knew about the damage soon afterwards.

"None of the occupants was injured, although the next aircraft due to land, a Wizz Air Airbus A320, had to wait while ground services personnel cleared the runway of debris."

Ten years to reach this conclusion?
And the airport authority reported that, for the next three weeks, their approach lighting system was out of service and they were restricted as to what kind of approaches they could handle.
jaysku 1

Was this a different event with this aircraft?
The tail number in Poland was reported as EC-HBM. The Lanzarote plane was reported as EC-HJQ.
Leon Artac 1
Took 10 years to release this!! Never fly to Poland. Incompetent to the n'th degree.
Roger Curtiss 1
We used to do the same thing when we dinged a police cruiser. Hide it until your shift is over, hope the next cop to use the car does not notice it and after that no one can prove you did it.
Geoff Arkley 1
Anyone got a roll of duct tape?
Tom Bruce -2
afraid of being shot? fired? jailed?


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