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IndiGo grounds another A-320 Neo after snag

New Delhi: An IndiGo Airbus A-320 Neo winging its way from Kolkata to Delhi on Monday saw one of its Pratt & Whitney (PW) engines develop a snag. Flight 6E 474 landed safely at IGI Airport but the A-320 new engine option (Neo) suffered extensive damage, joining the already long list of planes grounded for engine replacement by PW. “The engine was new and had done very few hours. The damage is substantial,” said a source. An IndiGo spokesperson said, “An IndiGo A-320 Neo has been grounded… ( 更多...

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Problems abound in this ancient and holy land

Birds on airstrip force plane to pull up

God help humanity ...
Another interesting feature common to all snags is that every aircraft getting involved in "snags" ALWAYS takes-off nicely and lands safely ....
Boeing or Airbus - people in the Asian subcontinent called India is regularly having troubles with aircrafts, and interestingly with the newest ones, using newest technology.
What does it prove ? Any clues
Torsten Hoff 1
It proves nothing. IndiGo and the other carriers in India are not the only ones having problems with geared turbofan engines. And it's not just GTFs and Pratt & Whitney either, just look at the problems that Rolls-Royce is having with their Trent 1000 engines.


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