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Air Tanzania Becomes First Airbus A220-300 Operator In Africa

Air Tanzania has become the first African carrier to take delivery of the Airbus A220-300. The aircraft order was signed in December 2016, where Bombardier and the Government of Tanzania signed a purchase agreement for two CS300 jetliners and two Q400s turboprops, to be leased to and operated by Air Tanzania. The deal was valued approximately $200 million. ( 更多...

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Cansojr 2
It was a wise move on the part of the government in Tanzania. The first "green" jet in history with a reduced carbon footprint and saves the customers 25% less fuel.Both of these aircraft have a very low noise foot print. The DASH 8 Q400 can get into very remote areas in Tanzania and the rest of Africa. Pilots say it has an excellent training plan. Conversions have gone well. Case and point are the AIR BALTIC and SWISS. Both airlines were launch operators. That alone speaks volumes about the absolute utility of both operators.


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