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Russia's Aeroflot to buy Boeing 777

* Signs deal for 16 aircraft over 2012-2017 * Planes have catalogue price of $4.1 billion * Move plugs gap created by delayed 787 Dreamliner MOSCOW, Dec 16 (Reuters) - Russia's flagship airline Aeroflot said it would buy 16 new Boeing 777s over the next six years as it strives to plug the gap created by the repeatedly delayed 787 Dreamliners. ( 更多...

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klimchuk 0
I wonder where do they want to fly on 777? Even for SVO-JFK busiest direction both Aeroflot and Delta are using typical 763. Does not make too much sense to get 777 instead of 787 either.
Ronald Padgett 0
I haven't heard or read anything about this until now. How old is their current fleet? May not have the luxury of waiting on the dream?... just a question as I haven't paid much (any) attention to this.
klimchuk 0
Aeroflot is now pretty young 5-10 years in average, they got many new Airbuses recently.
But 767/330 are the biggest jets they have. Unless they plan huge expansion it's hard to understand why they need 777.
Dubslow 0
Probably because it is significantly more efficient than a 767. If they get a smaller 772, it probably has better economics than the older 763.


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