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“We will not simply accept FAA’s word on MAX’s safety….” says European Pilots’ Group

“Simply accepting the FAA’s word on the Max’s safety won’t be enough,” the European Cockpit Association said in a statement. The European pilots’ group (ECA) urged the EASA to conduct its own thorough and independent review of the Boeing 737 Max before allowing the planes to fly again. “we will rely heavily on the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to scrutinise and explain the certification and the potential return to service of the MAX.” ( 更多...

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Greg Lawson 3
The problem is now.. That the FAA has lost all credibility not just with the Flight Crews but equally important, the public. They have shown they have forgotten their primary purpose which is the safety or aircraft and aviation as a whole. Instead they have clearly shown they have put profits before people. In regards to the Boeing 737 MAX .. will the public ever feel safe in it? I wonder how many cabin and Flight crew will not feel safe in it regardless what is found and tested and said to be safe. That is what they said last time. The whole design is flawed. Any aircraft which must have a "MCAS" type system to get it's airworthiness Certificate is to my mind flawed. An aircraft should be stable under its own design without need for any "additional" help... Boeing should just take the hit acknowledge it is flawed and withdraw it totally. That at least in the eyes of the public and those in the industry would go a long way to show that Boeing is committed to safety of everyone... because at the moment they are all wind no action.
Ric Wernicke 3
At this point I think any safety organization that wishes to lend "a second set of eyes" and opine as to the air worthiness of the MAX should be welcomed by Boeing and the FAA.

If engineers and pilots checked the design instead of the sharp pencil boys (accountants) there would not be a single angle of attack sensor with full control of the elevator.
sharon bias 4
Valid points presented. But the Boeing crashes killed 300+ souls and made front page headlines on every newspaper and news web site in the world. Airbus's problems have had minimal news coverage. In the blame game, anything associated with Boeing is going to take a huge hit.
Jim Goldfuss 3
Funny thing is, while the FAA is taking the heat, EASA was involved in the production and certification oversight as well and never spoke up about any of the certification problems beforehand...
Frank Harvey 2
This is what happens when you defer to the FAA.
btweston -4
What does that even mean?
Edward Bardes 1
I think he means rely on other regulators to do your job for you.
btweston 0
I’m pretty sure there was more to it, but it wasn’t really articulated.
btweston -1
What about this? What about that?

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btweston 15
When calling other people stupid you should endeavor to spell and punctuate your sentences properly. Zeal is no substitute for acumen.

Have a good one.
Pat Tolaj 1
WTF are you on about? Are you grown, and if so, how do you allow yourself to make it through life with the spelling of a 1st grader?

I've flown on numerous Airbus and Boeing made planes, as I'm sure many here have as well, perhaps even more than me.

In my opinion, Airbus is, overall, better. That's no hate towards Boeing at all. I love the company and the planes, I just feel like Airbus is a tick ahead. The only Boeing aircraft that I've flown that Airbus couldn't touch yet is the 757-200. Hands down my favorite and Boeing really missed an opportunity by not upgrading the model.
Billy Koskie 1
One thing superior in my opinion about Boeing vs Airbus is control wheel vs side stick. Airbus side stick controls doesn't allow the non-flying pilot to visually tell what the flying pilot is doing. Boeing's control wheels are mechanically linked, which allows visual confirmation of pilot inputs. Frankly, I also wish both manufacturers didn't rely on fly by wire. Call me old fashioned, but aircraft should have mechanical connection to flight surfaces like cars do from the steering wheel to the tires.
Edward Bardes 3
Larger planes have larger control surfaces that cannot simply be moved with cables and pulleys; they need to have control systems with hydraulic/pneumatic/electric systems.


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