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Privately Owned C-130 Crash Landing at Santa Barbara 26-Aug-2019

A privately owned C-130 crashed-landed at Santa Barbara Airport in California at around 10:20PM on the evening of August 25th, 2019. ( 更多...

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dee9bee 3
I'm not a C130 guy but find it interesting that all four props appear to be feathered.
bbabis 1
I'm not a C-130 guy either but I'll take a guess. They spool down faster feathered. You don't want to be evacuating the aircraft with props turning. Evac procedures may be to just pull the fire handles and switches off. The handles probably shutdown and feather. Any real C-130 guys please let us know. Glad all are safe.
mbrews 1
- Cant comment about the props. Reason I posted from this link (and not AP wire services) : link immediately showed Regis # ( N119TG ) and graphic of flight path from Hawaii. Further looking at Flightaware traces of prior position-only flights, this A/C had spent weeks in the Western Pacific before island-hopping east to CONUS. Looks like A/C made an approach to Santa Maria CA, broke off, finally landing at Santa Barbara CA Happily, all 7 occupants got out OK after landing at Santa Barbara.


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