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Uber’s helicopter trips to JFK are now open to all customers

Earlier this year, Uber starting offering helicopter trips from Manhattan to JFK to select passengers. Those trips, which start at $200 a person, are now available to everyone with an Uber account. Uber sees the helicopter service as an opportunity to gather data for its plans to launch a fully fledged air taxi business in 2023 using lightweight, electric aircraft. ( 更多...

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Ric Wernicke 3
Helicopters are not the answer for quick trips to the airport for the few who would pay the necessary high fare. Electric powered autonomous vehicles are a good choice, but they should not fly through the air, but traverse the distance through a tunnel. Look at the airport express in Hong Kong. For eleven bucks they check you in, collect and tag your bags to the destination and whisk you to inside the airport terminal. You slide through the terminal with just your carry-on and are sitting in the lounge long before people schlepping their bags from the helicopter terminal have arrived at the check in counters.
Mark Weiser 3
How many times has this been tried? Every single effort at Helicopters to/from JFK have ended in disaster, It won't be long, people should stop thinking they are so important that they can defy the laws of nature and time...that is one of the toughest flying environments in the world.

Crazy, just crazy, then again so are all chopper pilots, I know that from personal experience, one episode of a pucker factor of "11" proved that!
Richard Fox 2
Electric and pilotless is the future of aviation. No doubt about it.
masao suzuki 1
It has been also challenging a project to provide a helicopter service between NRT and downtown Tokyo. As HND is gaining more slots available to accommodate bilateral responsibility, the competition has been fiercely keen between the two. As soon as NRT kicks of a helicopter service, NRT will win the competition by the reason of slots availabilities, and relaxed curfew regulations. FYI, NRT has secured some of the land for the third runway where a helipad will be. What I am getting at is to give the past experiences to the future, which will include air taxi by elec. aircraft.


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