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Wuhan China's 11 Million People Face Quarantine as Virus Fears Spread

Some trains and flights out of the central Chinese city have been canceled as concerns from a new coronavirus grows. On Flightaware, a search for airport WUH (ZHHH) shows realtime airline activity and destinations. ( 更多...

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Ken McIntyre 1
Kind of a little late, considering the virus is now in The Philippines and the USA.
ADXbear 1
We need more trains here.. im drive os stay home anymore.. as a 6'5" 275 lbs man, i cant take a wizz in todays aircraft lavs.. seating in just stupid.. TSA, Lost bags etc.. dont be surprised to see the airlines lose alot of business in next 10 years.. and im a former pilot, dispatcher for the airlines..
Greg S 0
I hope flightaware gets some $$$ for linking to these paywalled sites. It would a shame if they just did it by accident.
mbrews 1
1) The original article at foreign policy .com is NOT a paywalled site. 2) The reference to Flightaware search for airport WUH (ZHHH) was added by myself, when I posted it. Flightaware is still showing many flights inbound and outbound ZHHH, as of 0100 Zulu January 23.
Greg S 1
I don't know what you mean by "original article" but when I go to the article at the link you provided and scroll down towards the end a big red "Pay up to read any farther" box pops up preventing me from seeing any more.
mbrews 1
- I'm not a subscriber to the Foreign Policy magazine. However, I was able to view the complete article on both my Windows desktop, and on a smartphone. If you are experiencing a blockage, situation may involve ad-blockers, or perhaps the news site behaves differently for different geographic areas. ( I'm in USA and do not have ad blockers active )
Greg S 1
No ad blocker, in the USA, using Firefox 72.0.2 on Macbook Pro, Mac OS 10.15.2.
kc0rzw 1
i also got the paywall, no adblocker, and also in USA


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