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Saudia Cargo Boeing 747 suffers tailstrike during take-off

On 1 February, a Saudia Cargo Boeing 747-400 (TC-MCT) operated flight SV919 between Dammam King Fahd Airport, Saudi Arabia and Zaragoza, Spain. During take-off, however, the aircraft scraped its tail along the runway. ( 更多...

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peter tomlinson 1
A bit of duct tape , a couple of cans of spray paint and all should be good .
Steven Palmer 1
Actually this is not a SAUDIA aircraft, it is operated by ACT (A Turkish Cargo airline) on behalf of them. ACT has had rather a chequered history. They were flying a fleet of Airbus A300's for a long time, all of them very old airframes, and there were, I remember quite a few 'scrapes'.
Furthermore Turkish aviation is NOT the safest if one were to check the facts and figures. Starting a few years ago with a B737 that landed short of the runway in AMS. There has been a Private jet out of DXB that was lost over Iran, a B737 that slid off the runway in Turkey, two ground incidents at (old) IST within just a few months of each other, and just last week a Pegasus B737 crash landing at Sabiha Gokcen in Turkey.
Viv Pike 1
A little damage there, I would say.
linbb -2
Am so glad they were able to check the damage before flying off to another airport, NOT, why risk loosing the AC in route I wonder. Seems some of these outfits don't really have good controls over how they operate.
sharon bias 0
Per article from Boeing, most tail strikes occur during landing, not take-off. Pilot error is a likely cause. However, since this was a freighter, load shift has to be considered.


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