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United, American, Delta cut more flights, some executives take pay cuts as coronavirus keeps people from flying

Airlines slashed more domestic and international flights and executives took pay cuts as the coronavirus outbreak takes a growing toll on the travel industry. ( More...

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sharon bias 17
There are some airports that employ the "use it or lose it" basis for gate assignments. So the airlines have to fly empty or near empty planes to these airports to make sure they don't lose their gates. This is something that should be suspended for a period of 30-90 days. No airline should be held hostage to an airport during a worldwide crisis.
jmilleratp 5
Absolutely agree.
Owen Plowman -1
I'm sure that airlines are taking that issue into account; they are not stupid and do not have to rely on comments here to guide their thinking.
AWAAlum 0
A sly way of insulting a post.
Owen Plowman 0
I wasn't trying to be "sly". It was a rather silly comment (like many here). Stating something that is obvious to any airline as though it is the revealed truth only to the poster is somewhat ridiculous.
AWAAlum 0
Oh. Okay. A blatant insult then. I stand corrected.
Bill Butler 1
Well, it wasn't "obvious" to me. I learned something. He belongs to the "Those of you who think you know it all really annoy those of us who do" Club.
AWAAlum 0
A pretty sly way of insulting a poster.
Jim Magee 4
The FAA has loosened the slot-use requirements through 31MAY2020 for KJFK, KLGA, and KDCA. They are crediting virus related cancellations as flights at KORD, KLAX, KEWR, and KSFO.
The people who will suffer from the flight cutbacks are not the travelling public,who are curtailing at present,but the employees..yes,its a grand gesture for the ceo of aa and dl and even wn to take a paycut or not accept a salary for a few months,but they will still be employed..when flights are cut back, the first thing that happens is furlough notices go out to various unions,then to the non union personnel...trump can have all the meetings he wants with the ceo of dl or ua or aa or wn,but the reality of the situation as it stands, is the virus is spreading,and those same ceo's can only operate for so long without financial hardship and cutbacks..there is an old expression that applies..."reality,what a concept"!!
srobak 6
whatever this has to do with trump?
AWAAlum 2
Nevertheless, they didn't have to.
Jeff Johnson 1
The airlines should follow the example of Mark Cuban, the owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. He will be continuing to compensate hourly employees. He's a multi-millionaire and can afford it. The airlines made huge profits recently so they can afford it too.
n9341c 2
Lets see....Mark Cuban's hourly many would that be? 500? And DL, AA, UA hourly employees....I dunno, 100,000+? And with what exactly? "Huge profits", most of which went to pay off debt incurred over the last 10 years? Guess I'm not following your version of fiscal reality.
n9341c -3
Yikes. Mary, don't break the pill in half tomorrow, OK?

[This poster has been suspended.]

David Rice 5
capitalism collapse? sounds like mr wilke has little experience with capital markets.
Atanu Dey 7
Capitalism collapse? So does socialism win, then?

Socialism has murdered billions. Socialism devastated China and India (where I'm from.)
VKSheridan 1
Judging by face mask, hand sanitizer and toilet paper sales, capitalism appears to be quite fine. The only thing collapsing is my 401K...... :(


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