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Berkshire Sells Entire Stakes in U.S. Airlines

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway sold nearly $390 million worth of Delta and Southwest shares ( 更多...

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mbrews 2
No surprise here. Buffett moves to cut his losses. Ironically, he still owns stake in netjets, so that he & his billionaire friends avoid rubbing elbows with the peasant classes.
bentwing60 2
The tea leaves aren't too dense. He was totally anti airline equity forever and openly said so, and $390M in the BH portfolio is almost an off decimal % # by the current Wiki. #. If he lives long enough to see an airline that works like BNSF he will buy it all. I liked the boxes in the back of the airplane in the early days better than the "upgrade". LOL! Cheers.
Peter Fuller 2
Yep, as the saying goes, best way to make $100 million in the airline business is to start with $1 billion.
linbb 0
Ok so story tells two tales of two different things one all was sold but another says just part of only two airline holdings. But again its a news story so they tell things there own way. No matter what at the best its going to take many years not just a few to return any airline traffic to its past state.
Peter Fuller 1
The NY Times story starts with “Berkshire Hathaway Inc sold it’s entire stakes in the four largest U. S. airlines in April”, and further down the says “Berkshire disclosed on April 3 it had sold about 18% of its Delta stake and 4% of its Southwest shares.” These statements aren’t contradictory. Unlikely they sold their large holdings of airline stocks at one time.


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