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Internet providing aircraft goes into commercial operation

Loon, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, said Tuesday that it launched the first commercial deployment of its internet providing baloons. The fleet of high-flying balloons were launched over Kenya to beam internet signals down to the country’s population. Prior to this, the technology has been tested only in emergency situations, including Puerto Rico in 2017 following the passage of Hurricane Maria which devastated the island. ( 更多...

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Laurence Leader 1
Strange choice doing this in Kenya which has a high, if not highest, internet penetration in all of Africa.
Michael Hope 1
Flight Aware has tracking for other balloons from Loon in North America. I have been following them, there six at one point from Nevada to Canada now back to Kentucky.
Here is the page that I used:
cboginsk 1
My ADS-B receiver picked up a cluster of seven Loon Project balloons over the weekend over Michigan. They were all at 53,000 feet and were launched in Minnesota. An interesting concept. I wonder is the communication packages are tracked and recovered once they eventually come down (assuming the come down over land)?
ADXbear -2
What could go wrong.... stupid idea that could get people killed..
Jim Myers -1
I agree! We need to IMMEDIATELY STOP ALLOWING ANYTHING to be above our heads lest it fall and kill us all!

Face it, the incidence of hot air balloons crashing to earth and killing thousands of people is just far, far too frequent to risk.



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