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Delta Air Lines bans emotional support animals

Sorry, but your emotional support hamster is no longer cleared to fly on Delta Air Lines. The carrier on Thursday officially banned travelers from flying with emotional support animals. This comes after a final rule from the Department of Transportation affirming that carriers no longer have to recognize emotional support animals as service animals. ( 更多...

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ADXbear 1
So your saying I can put my toy poodle in a ctarrier that fits under the seat and PAY for the travel?
I've done this for years, never claiming anything! Why does this change? If it does, then I'm out for gws me trood with Delta.. Southwest allowa me to travel this way!
Jackson Skelly 1
Also, Southwest is already pretty strict when it comes to emotional support animals.
mary susan watkins 1
the difference is that up until now, an "emotional support animal", could be carried on board without being in carrier, and sit on the persons lap if the size was small ordinary traveller who just wanted to take their cat,or their small dog who would fit into a carry on sized kennel to fit under a seat,had to pay for the privilege..its a good move because so many people did abuse the "emotional support" clause..a "service animal",which is about 99% of the time a dog like a labrador or golden retriever,is always well trained,stays only with the owner,must sit at the feet of the owner while on board,wear a service vest,and are not to be petted nor touched unless the owner says its ok..i worked with many and never had an issue, as opposed to people with a turtle or a bird or some other such who insisted they were for emotional support!
Jackson Skelly 0
Huh? All of the big 3 airlines and some others I think have banned emotional support animals.
Jackson Skelly 0
And Alaska.


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