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SpaceX Starlink Aviation launches service providing up to 350Mbps on airplanes

SpaceX recently launched Starlink Aviation, a service offering high-speed, low-latency internet during airplane flights. The company already has a few airlines interested in Starlink Aviation. SpaceX plans to start delivering Starlink Aviation in 2023. It does not offer a long-term contract for Starlink Aviation, and all plans include unlimited data. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 3
This is a massive increase in internet speed vs. the current 70Mbps available over the Ka-band.

This will allow for streaming services and video calls on board at 30,000 feet!

I think ultimately Starlink will become Musk's most valuable company. He owns the satellite network outright along with SpaceX.

How much is a company that can deliver ultra high speed internet anywhere in the world on land, sea and air worth? I'm guessing at least a $ trillion!

Starlink will become the most important and valuable communication infrastructure in the world. Eventually it could render most terrestrial ISP's obsolete.


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