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Boeing Commits to Engine Inlet Redesign for 737-7 and 737-10 Certification Within a Year

Boeing has pledged to develop new engine inlets for the 737 MAX models, particularly the 737-7 and 737-10, within a year or less. This initiative has emerged as the central focus for the certification of these aircraft models, according to CEO Dave Calhoun. ( More...

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Billy Koskie 7
I think the appropriate comment is - it's about cotton picking time. I assume this would address the exemption already in place for the 8s and 9s as well. If Boeing would have been serious about safety, they'd have already had this done and would be already refitting on the 8x and 9s with the 7s and 10s already being produced with them. Geez
mbrews 2
737 MAX deliveries began in year 2017. SEVEN years ago. So, this problem of inadequate engine inlet materials (cannot tolerate bleed air temperatures) has persisted for SEVEN years.

And also note that it's actually Spirit Aerosystems who produces the pylons, nacelles, and thrust reversers for the 737 MAX series.
boughbw 1
Or maybe it isn't as much of a problem as the FAA thinks it is. The problem is one of science and engineering. The answer is knowable.
Silent Bob 1
There is no exemption for the -8/9. They were certified before this issue became known, and so the solution in their case is an AD. I’d like to know the history of how this was discovered because as far as I know there haven’t been any incidents related to nacelle overheat on the Max. My company has been flying them since 2017 so if there were any issues we definitely would’ve heard about it. This is all based on risk assessment and probability, it’s not a given that leaving the cowl heat on will cause a failure, but it was determined that the chances of it happening were greater than allowed by the certification standards.
Billy Koskie 1
Thanks for the correction on the 8/9.
Gavin Waters 6
Boeing's short-cut expedient interim exemption is no longer possible. Thank you FAA. Please do it properly and safely Boeing - get it right, not try to work around.
In the end, how much money would the Boeing bean counters have saved if they had just stopped over-developing the 737 and brought back the 757?
Marty Martino 2
Would Southwest or Ryanair buy 757s?
21voyageur 1
Perhaps not but Boeing would not be fighting for its financial life as it is at this time.
boughbw 1
Boeing isn't "fighting for its financial life." They are still on track to clear $3 billion in profit this year.
Robert Graham 1
However, Boeings debt load is $38 billion. They need to work that down...
lecompte2 2
Another sad but true Boeing
Bill Overdue 2
Hopefully Boeing can deliver? Lately, it's been 1 step forward. And 2 backwards...
Calen Chrzan 2
Maybe it's time for Boeing and Southwest to quit living in Jurassic Park and Boeing design a completely new clean sheet design based on something similar to the 787. Make it fly by wire with a modern EICAS system and with a more modern designed overhead. Even equip it with side sticks.
Robert Graham 2
Agree, however, Boeing has said it cannot afford to design and build a new aircraft in the 2020s and perhaps even through the 2030s. Those stock buybacks have really constrained Boeing's options. Very sad.
Jon Schwartz 0
not an expert...are these older engines safe????


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