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Taylor Swift threatens legal action against Florida student who tracks her jet

Attorneys for Taylor Swift are threatening legal action against the Florida college student who tracks the private jets of celebrities and public figures, including Swift. Jack Sweeney confirmed to CNN on Tuesday that he received a cease-and-desist letter threatening legal action from attorneys for Swift about the social media accounts he runs that track Swift’s flights. ( More...

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patrick baker 5
taylor swift is used to snapping her fingers with what whim floats through her mine at the moment,for instant obedience from her staff , her boyfriend, and anyone else cowed by her persona. But not here in this case and these facts. Pub lic accessable date legally derived is used to track her. Get over it blondie
Greg S 1
Musk tried and failed and so will Swift, because the law is not on their side and their lawsuits have no chance to get past the motion-to-dismiss stage.


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