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Moroccan military plane crash kills 78.

A Moroccan military transport plane crashed Tuesday in a mountainous southern region, the information ministry said. The army said 78 people were killed and three wounded. ( More...

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Fleagle 0
Situational Awareness.
Always sad. A 'moment' to ... reflect.
Wx Approaches into Windsor Locks,Ct.(in the old Days); Valdez, AK.; White Sulphur Springs West Va.(Greenbrier); La Garbage,N.Y.; Subic Bay,R.P.; Fmr B.C.C. HongKong; Kodiak, AK.; St.Thomas, U.S.V.I.; and on & on.
The list is formidable.
. . . . Night Carrier Recoveries(Traps) on the high seas -in Wx.
"They're out there."
We all have our(unspoken) thoughts upon hearing of Air tragedies.
I suppose the RoyalMoroc version of the U.S. N.T.S.B. & their Safety Team will arrive at the 'probable cause'.
There,but for the grace of God . . . - ya' nevrno, aces.
Like the pebble in the placid pond,repercussions touching many areas.
Smokey Slover 0
Hate to hear this..Anyone know what type A/C it was or where ??I spent 18 months in Morocco and their approaches need some twiking ...Only ones I was comfortable with were the GCA at the US bases there back in the stone age...
Jesse Adams 0
It was a C-130 Herculese and it happened near Guelmin. Saw a little video of the aftermath and it looks like it went right into the side of a hill. Very sad.


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