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Yet Another Pissy Moment; Actor Gerard Depardieu Urinated in Isle of Flight from Paris to Dublin

Actor Gerard Depardieu was escorted off a City Jet flight from Paris to Dublin for urinating in the isle. ( 更多...

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Toby Sharp 0
The Captain should have came out, grabbed him by his ear, escorted him off the airplane, called him a child, and pissed on him. Good Day
indy2001 0
I'm disappointed the story was about some has-been actor being a jerk (again). I thought from the headline that there was a new vacation spot in Europe called the Isle of Flight. That would be a great favorite among aviation fans.
mq4188 0
They should have made him stand in the aisle with his junk out until they arrived in Dublin. Then they should have made him clean up the piss.

Oh, yea, then call the Dublin police in to beat his ass then arrest him.

Maybe he was drunk and thought he was auditioning for the sequel of Snakes on a Plane.

What an ass clown!!!
Chris Bryant 0
At least the article spells "aisle" correctly. :)

Not surprising though, Parisians frequently piss in public. They're so much better than the rest of us, they don't see the problem. We should be grateful to be allowed to watch.
Marcus Pradel 0
City Jet, i figured he was on 'Incontinental' airline.

this guy puts the Pee in bad P.R.
linbb 0
Hey proves if you are up the ladder high enough you can piss on anyone any where and get away with it. Too bad they didnt get the honey cart out and dump him in it or let him drain the airplane holding tank all over himself.


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