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Avgas Ban in California Moves Forward

Environmentalists last week scored a major victory in their attempt to end the distribution, sale and use of aviation gasoline when a federal judge threw out a lawsuit filed by the California Avgas Coalition that sought to block the effort. U.S. District Court Judge Anthony Ishii on Oct. 19 granted a motion by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) and the California State Attorney General’s Office to dismiss the avgas coalition’s lawsuit. Following the judgment, Oakland, Calif.-based CEH… ( 更多...

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Duane Sanders 0
This is why we call it "The People's Republic of California". I still can't believe Moonbeam got elected again. UFB
canuck44 0
Like everything else filed in the 9th Circuit, it will have to go to SCOTUS to be thrown out...a little judge shopping and you can get anything filed in CA.
Ben Lillie 0
Hopefully it will stay in California.
Elliott Arthur 0
That would be about the last straw for the State of California. General Aviation will pretty much cease to exist and their economy will crash! Those clowns have no idea how much business depends on AvGas and how much their economy depends on those businesses. But what does it matter, California is pretty much gone back to being a Mexican colony anyway, so no major loss the the US.
Matt Comerford 0
no major loss to the US? If California was a country, it would be the 8th largest economy in the world. wake up america!
tim mitchell 0
California has lost it's mind.They passed a law saying that you can't run drive tires on trailers...then another one that says all tractor-trailer trailers have to have side fairings and now this....Before long no one is going to be able to do business in that state because they want be able to go in and out of the place.
preacher1 0
Lest anyone forget, their folks were the ones raising the primary hell that resulted in all this various pollution control crap on cars and trucks that still don't work right and cost us more money in lost fuel mileage and performance and a monstrous amount of downtime being worked on by mechanics that don't have a clue as to how to fix it and can't get parts they need if they do happen to figure it out.
Matt Comerford 0
California's GDP is still greater than ALL other 49 states combined.
preacher1 0
Matt: not going to argue with you as I don't have figures in hand, but I think Texas has either got them beat or a very close 2nd now. At any rate it is a big economy but as with a lot of places, such as in the Northeast, where there is more import than export, as Tim alludes to, there will start to be higher costs placed on good/services going that way, whether in higher rates or outright surcharges for CA bound traffic.IMHO
thats what you get for passing madicinal Marijuana...who needs wings to fly?
Matt Comerford 0
what about the other 17 states that have passed "madicinal" marijuana?
Being in the heart of the bay area, tree huggers are everywhere. People here complain about global warming and drive BMWs, its california for you. Hypocrites and hippies, with lots of money and disregard for the economy, luckily I'm out of here in a year...
LancairESP 0
'Scuse me, but I too get personal with the occasional tree, bush, and shrub. And I too support research into lead-free fuel for my TSIO550. But to shut down an entire industry in the state? Fine - do it morons! Shut down billion$ in businesses! And who will fund your fine social give-aways then?
Troy Raiteri 0
We are all probably seeing the death of GA here folks. Enjoy it while you can!
Matt Comerford 0
probably not
Herb Harney 0
My wonderful aircraft on static display in a hanger.......just can't happen, no it just can't happen because of the selfish action of a very limited group
Ben Lillie 0
If it becomes a war we'll have planes and they won't
Matt Comerford 0
are you personally trying to stop them? or sitting in your hanger blogging? go fight the sob's!
Pablo Maurelia 0
With all the issues that California has, specifically with budget shortcomings. This avgas ban would kill GA in California. Even more money lost.
Wingscrubber 0
Great time to be in the diesel-conversion business, maybe?
Might also force a lot of out-of-state sales of the old airplanes which owners can't afford to re-engine if this passes, cheap California airplanes anybody?
outisland41 0
AOPA should seriously consider moving 2012 Summit out of California to a more GA friendly location.
Tom Kearney 0
California is getting ready to ban people.
Ben Lillie 0
Hey China is doing it so why shouldn't Ca.
James Driskell 0
Next, they’ll restrict or ban the production and consumption of beans to cut down any gas byproducts.
kldfligtrrt 0
talk about shooting CA economy in the foot. I wish we could see a list of members of that
group and compare it to flight manifests both GA and commercia. bet they fly.
dmanuel 0
Doesn’t some of the California Forest Service fly some aircraft (that utilize 100LL) to spot, direct or fight those huge wild fires?
Paul Rudman 0
why is it, that a few bad eggs ruin the whole dozen?! sigh
Ricky Scott 0
The Tree huggers are more than likely jealous they can not fly so they dont want anyone else to enjoy it.
Matt Comerford 0
good point! who needs trees anyway? i say we tear all of them down.


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