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Grenades Discovered In Bag At Newark Airport

In the past few days, the TSA has caught flak for allegedly strip-searching not one but two elderly women. But, the agency is able to gloat a bit this evening after it revealed that it discovered five inert grenades in a passenger's bags on Saturday at Newark Liberty Airport. A Belgium-bound passenger surrendered the items to the TSA, CBS News reports. Not surprisingly, grenades are not allowed on planes. Yet, passengers bring grenades or their likenesses more frequently than you might… ( More...

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phil allison 0
I don't understand why TSA is able to "gloat a bit"?

What does finding grenades in a bag have to do with strip searching the elderly and molesting children. Try this "I drive a Ford to work but I don't like tacos." Makes as much sense as this story's premise.

Stupid story. Journalism is dead - long live the fluff piece!
What a joke!
canuck44 0
One of them must have fallen out of the bag and rolled across the floor for passengers to point it out to the TSA who were all on Grannie Patrol.
richard weiss 0
What's that old adage; "even a blind squirrel finds an accorn now and then."
Norman Best 0
Discrimination has become a dirty word in this country, even though the ability to discriminate is (for me) a sign of intelligence. Hooray for the TSA folks at Newark for being able to discriminate the difference between hand grenades and the embroidered image of a handdgun on a leather purse.
Gene Nowak 0
TSA searched my bags thoroughly about 3 years ago after xray. They couldn't discriminate between a grenade and my bottle of after shave that is in a round bottle with atomizer on top.
canuck44 0
LOL...Gene, you might have to give up traveling with Old Spice bottles.
richard weiss 0
If you're using Old Spice, you fit the profile for being a member of that terrorist group....Al-Geazer
indy2001 0
Dear Santa:

If it's not too late, I put together a short list. I would like...
1. A cockpit video of your world-circling flight. HD quality would be great, but anything would be fine. And if you need a videographer, I'm available.
2. An uneventful holiday aviation season, both personally and for the entire world. No "shoe bombers", "underwear bombers", "bloomer bombers", "diaper bombers", or the like. And please help all the GA flights make it to their destinations safely.
3. A week without TSA-related FlightAware squawks, along with the usual comments that follow them. A month would be even better, but I know that even you have limits.

That's all, I have everything else that I need.

Have a safe trip! (Don't forget the video.)
Thanks to all the TSA Agents for your service.
richard weiss 0
Do they give fries with that
sstuff 0
The story's "source" tells me all I need to know.


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