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Cirrus focused on Vision jet

Cirrus Aircraft officials say they are making steady progress on their SF50 Vision jet program and the prototype has logged more than 700 flight test hours since its first flight in 2008. The company based in Duluth, Minn., has about 500 orders for the aircraft that seats up to seven and is expected to cruise at about 300 knots at up to 28,000 feet. Cirrus anticipates FAA certification in about three years. ( 更多...

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When I think Cirrus, I think China. They are also talking about producing the Epic single turboprop and announced a 5 seat SR-22 today. I won't buy any because of the whole China thing.
BWhaler 0
I guess all those employed @ Cirrus in MN beed to get their visa's checked and $$ earned changed to yuans. Bought anything from Walmart lately??
I don't shop at WalMart or Costco. See above.
raptor22ms 0
Cirrus may be owned by a Chinese firm but they are still made in MN. The fact that they have not moved the factory is a wonder of god. People can bash Cirrus but a quality product is worth the money no matter where it goes in the long run. I for one am happy to hear that they are moving forward with the VLJ program.
dba74m -1
It's good that they're still made in MN for now, but what's to prevent the Chinese owners from wanting them to be made in China in the future? American businesses need to stop selling themselves to Foreign countries for short-term gains, because in the long run, you're hurting the American economy. And I, like MANBOI, buy American prodcuts whenever possible, although it's very hard to do.
Wingscrubber 0
Cirrus is also focused on sueing Jim Campbell at Aeronews for his honest journalism painting them in a bad light. After failing to honor an advertising agreement, they tried to repossess his plane. I don't know the entire story, but from what I know, Cirrus seems to be engaging in some very unethical and predatory behaviour.
Not unethical and predatory in China. This is exactly the problem with a Chinese owned company. Certainly they'll move production to China in a flash, with no announcement or fan fare. They'll also support their product at their discretion, in the future.
chalet 0
The only way for the Epic Escape and SF50 to ever get produced is if -and this is a huge if- the new Chinese owners decide to take the plunge and the jury is still out. The single PT6 turboprop market is pretty crowded and the two dominant designs are the TBM and PC12 insofar fast planes, and the Cessna's C208 for utility transportation. As for the single-engine VLJ all the planned aircraft (Piper´s, etc.) are falling over the wayside for lack of customers. As they say in the praire: "Dark, dark, dark, don't go" (translation: bad business).


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