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Female Passengers Say They’re Targeted By TSA

A Dallas woman says TSA agents repeatedly asked her to step back into a body scanning machine at DFW International Airport. “I feel like I was totally exposed,” said Ellen Terrell, who is a wife and mother. “They wanted a nice good look.” When Ellen Terrell and her husband, Charlie, flew out of DFW Airport several months ago, Terrell says she was surprised by a question a female TSA agent asked her. “She says to me, ‘Do you play tennis?’ And I said, ‘Why?’ She said, ‘You just have such a cute… ( More...

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richard weiss 2
There's not enough porn on the internet? When is this BS going to end?
canuck44 3
January 2013 when the next president appoints Sheriff Joe to run Homeland Security...not likely to happen but certainly would wake up a few folks.
Sherrif Joe is doing some good, but there comes a point where it becomes dangerous. There has to be a balance.
Damn, wonder if I could get a job at the agency, it'll cut down on my magazine subscriptions...
The whole tsa situation is ridiculous. A non-solution. Sealed cockpits have done more than tsa will ever do.
Wingscrubber 2
The TSA should at least tip these ladies if that's what they're using the scanners for...
There's always two sides to every story. Now Chip, I know you are some what intelligent enough to know that the body images on the AIT scanner shows a generic image of a man or woman. It does not matter how big or skinny a womans figure is on the scanner, it always shows up as a generic image for every man or woman. Also, the person that runs the AIT machine does not even lay eyes on the passenger before or after they exit the AIT scanner. It sounds like the machine was malfuctioning and the TSA agent became fustrated. Ignorance of Homeland Security policies make you sound ignorant when you answer theses bloggs with ignorant replies. Google is free, use it????? Here is a prime example, " I've always suspected this. Every time I fly I see attractive women being sent through the body-scanner. I mean EVERY time"(Charles Collins). Well now Charles, all season travelers know that you have an option of going thru the walk thru medal detector, the AIT body scanner or receiving a pat down. They can't make you go thru the AIT scanner if you don't want to. I'm sure you saw not so attractive women going into the AIT scanner also. Chip, if you are going to stir the pot, please stir it in both directions.
Wingscrubber 1
These images are not the current generic image used in the AIT scanner.
Wingscrubber 1
I strongly suspect the lady in question in the article was not being scanned by an AIT unit, even if they are now in use, I doubt the existing scanners haven't been phased out yet.
But hell, if you think that guys are getting excited over a 'generic image' of a cute girl and needing the scan her three time, then you go ahead and believe that. The rest of us are well aware that a position of trust is being abused.
The AIT scanner itself was not the issue. It was the software program that show a true image of the passengers body. The software program was changed to show a generic image of a male or female body. Not the true scanned image of the body. The old software was phased out last year.Now, I'm not saying that they weren't getting excited looking at the original software images. WHAT I AM SAYING IS, "All AIT machines have the new generic software image. It's the same female image for every female and same male image for every male that's scanned. The links you have Wingscrubber are pictures of the original software.
Chip, if you are going to stir the pot, please stir it in both directions.

The entire pot is full of bullshit....
Gary Robert 1
There should be criminal charges. This just cannot stand, it will only get worse.
I've always suspected this. Every time I fly I see attractive women being sent through the body-scanner. I mean EVERY time.

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richard weiss 0
Which senator has the nerve to step forward to say he drafted the legislation?
Which senator has the nerve to step forward to repeal it?


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