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The OVO-4 takes home flight simulation to a new level

The OVO-04 is made by Virtual Fly who advertise it as a plug&play flight simulator that is very quiet and free of the need for a keyboard and mouse inside. It even has the PC shipped with it as a separate module containing the FSX software required to make it function. Serious flight simulation fans are most likely drooling right about now. Inside you’ll find 3 24-inch widescreen displays above an array of cockpit controls, instruments, and pedals. As it’s an enclosed unit, the integrated… (www.geek.com) 更多...

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Troy Raiteri 3
You know what I can do with that kind of money? We're talking like 8 First Class international flights!!! Or pay for all my Pilot lessons! Ha! And they want US to buy that for that price? lol
John Hale 2
Yes it's cool but for that kind of money I could get my license and pretty good used airplane.
Jack Nelson 2
I think for 50 grand I could Ocean's 11 myself one of those full commercial simulators the airlines use
Joseph Girone 3
My wife politely tolerates my hour or two of flying Microsoft Flight Simulator. I can imagine her reaction if I ordered this! Seriously, though, the OVO-4 looks pretty awesome. But may I point out that for far less money, you could get a real pilots license and fly the real thing. Which is what I'd rather do!
pfp217 1
For 57K they better have at least another seat so you can take passengers!
I can build a better one for less money than that. Besides, I'd just pay for my ratings through my commercial for that amount of money, and fly the real thing instead of a box. The only people I see buying this are flight schools, and guys who can't get their medical.
preacher1 1
Drugstore Cowboys, Truck Stop Truck Drivers. What handle do we hang on these that want to know and talk all about it and what they would do in a similar situation only to find out they haven't got or ever held a certificate to their name. There will be some that will buy this SIM for that very reason, yet they would never crawl behind the yoke of a 150/172 because it doesn't have a reset button on it.
sparkie624 1
WOW, I want one, but my Wallet is saying some severely different...
Brian Beard 1
I love flight simming, BUT NOT THAT MUCH!!! I could by a new Lincoln or Cadillac for that price!!! Hell that is a substantial down payment on a plane, kenworth, or even a HOUSE!!!!

No I shall stick with what I have thank you very much.
Toby Sharp 1
I could set the Guinness Book of Records for continuous flight in a SIM in that thing....gimme a camelback, a 12 pack of diapers and a slot to slide in a pizza box.....
preacher1 1
$57,000.00 is a lot of money
11,000+ gal of 100LL
pfp217 1
ugh, that's a scary perspective
Rats !! Why didn't this show up when I had the money ?? lol
Ed Wagner 1
I just developed a bad case of the "I WANTS"...LOL
preacher1 1
Undoubtedly, somebody will get a bad case of the "I wants" and have the money to spend.lol
Jeff Grissom 1
You could buy a real airplane and a pilot's license for $57k.
pfp217 1
No doubt! You can get a decent aircraft and certificate with 57k! An older Warrior or 172. I guess for guys that can't get a medical this would be an alternative, but I do just fine on my PC with FSX and a couple approach plates. That's some expensive fake flying!
$57k?! I don't think so. This is a better alternative http://www.jetmax.ca/
Mike Collyer 1
Totally agree, for 57K (plus VAT & assorted import duties), go with JetMax. Published reviews on OVO-4 center on the mechanical lag between cockoon motion and displays.
Allan Sota 1
Heck ya I'd love to have one of these in my living room! And yes, I'm disabled so I'm one of those who can no longer fly the real thing. I used to fly a Cessna 421, loved that plane. Being on a pension now I'll have to settle for the one on the computer. Oh well, others will enjoy this for sure. I think it'd be great for a kids toy too.
I'm currently a student pursuing my Private Pilot in a Warrior. I still spend countless hours on FSX (much more fun now with real flight training). When I saw this I said, "Dang! That's awesome! I want it!" Then I read the other comments about buying a real plane and realized I could by that Warrior I'm training in and have enough money left over to fly it free for 400+ hours. Sold.
eagle5719 1
I would guess that they are working on a glass panel version and maybe a two seater for flight schools.
ken hamilton 1
I suggest, if you spend that kind of money and that much time on a SIMULATOR, you should consider the real thing. A 152/172 from mid 80's vintage will run about the same, AND, you can actually KILL yourself in them - they didnt come with a RESET button. Training schools, yes.....home use.......think it is overkill.
Daniel Baker 1
i understood your argument about the benefits of the 152/172 until you suggested that being able to kill yourself is a feature.


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