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John Hale 3
There's a picture on of a AA 757 in BOS doing the same thing. good thinking
cessna210g 3
I do that every night at work. (KLGA) With 737-800s we use to get 757s into the hanger the same way.
Victor Engel 3
But the hangar IS big enough. This reminds me of the episode of Orange County Choppers where they installed the press in their new building. They cut a hole in the ceiling through which it passed, with hardly any room to spare.
Victor Duarte 2
We used to do this all the time in Tulsa for the MD-88's only with a 6" drive up ramp nose in.
Bill Schmiett 2
I love it when a plan comes together!
KauaiGolfer 2
I just hope the hydraulic lift never craps out while the airplane is in the hangar.
Bob Ziehm 2
"A" for effort!
rick haller 1
Beats taking a SAWSALL to the rudder.
KingAirB200 1
Michael Jones 1
UA (former CO) maintenance base at KHOU did the same thing with 737-300/500's, the roof was high enough for the tail to clear (older, arched-roof), but the door tracks would not let it clear.

I hadn't been down there since they started working the 737 Next Gen, but I presume the same procedure still applies.
hallrob 1
Luxair hangar at ELLX doesn't even fit that way. There is just a cutout in the doors for the fuselage and the tail stays outside.
John Moffatt 1
Nothing new here. Ten years or so ago I had the job to source out just such a tool so we could fit the new BBJ into our big hanger-727 no problem-but everything was used and expensive. The hanger was big enough not to have to alter the inside but it was the door
Chris Cotter 1
I probably just spun the plane around and hung the tail out main doors myself, you see that all the time. Over-complexity is going to lead to an aircraft damage pretty soon.
Michael Jones 1
In the case where I saw this, it was not an option. The aircraft was in for a serious amount of work (usually for weeks), and they would like to close the doors sometimes to keep the weather out.
Chris Cotter 1
I can understand a heavy maintenance operation where it will sit for a while, but these pictures don't look like they are heavy check hangars. I could be wrong.
Mike Schacht 1
To me, the pictures look like they were just doing it to say that "yeah, we can do that."
Victor Duarte 1
We used to do this all the time in Tulsa with MD-88's only with a small 6" ramp nose first to clear the tail.
Chuck Maples 1
I seem to recall that the KC-135 and the B-52 (not sure of that) included a hinged vertical stabilizer which could be folded for service in low hangars. As aircraft get larger perhaps this idea will resurface.
billykid05 1
Is there a funny trade name for this effort? like ...Sheep Shank
or how 'bout Rolling Bend?
Roland Dent 1
I hope they are paying the guys properly...talent like this is does not grow on trees.
richard weiss 0
who will take a bet someone will rip the tail of one of those jets someday when the tug, or the human, fails.
Mike Schacht 0
No kidding. I bet it has already happend. The photo's are probably sitting somewhere just waiting for someone to scan them and post them up.


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