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United Flight Intercepted by F-15s After Suspicious Camera Found

A United flight from Newark to Geneva diverted to Boston with a NORAD escort Tuesday night after a suspicious device was found onboard. ( 更多...

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Peter Douglas 2
I know it's better to be safe than sorry, but isn't the waste - fuel, time, missed connections, lost holidays, missed meetings etc - a bit much in comparison? Bomb disposal squads have a box of some sort that they put potential explosives in - wouldn't it be so much cheaper to have that on planes? Or even just a jettison shute to drop suspicious things out of the plane?
99NY 2
Careful now, that makes sense. Can't have that!
BC Hadley 1
Why did the flight divert to Boston, instead of Bangor, which is smaller (fewer people, less traffic) and appears to have been nearer?
Tyler Tashji 0
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Flight Diverted Over Unclaimed Camera

A United Airlines flight from Newark, N.J., to Geneva was diverted to Boston when a flight attendant discovered a camera in a seat back pocket and could not locate the camera’s owner.
Sang Le 0
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F-15s scrambled as United flight diverts on unclaimed camera

A trans-Atlantic United Airlines flight bound for Switzerland diverted to Boston last night after a suspicious item was found on bound. That item: An unclaimed "personal-use" camera.


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