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New sliding jetliner seat designed to speed up boarding

Airplane aisles can get as congested as an L.A. freeway when passengers are boarding. Planes have become more crowded and carry-ons larger. One person stopping to shove a bag into the overhead compartment can create a long line and delay boarding. ( More...

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MimosaDrive 3
How about stopping carry-on baggage compltely and using the overhead bins only for coats?
preacher1 2
Some say they have tried it but I have never seen it; I think back to fron boarding(after special needs) would be the best, or as you say, just do away with it altogether. At one time, that is all they were for, was truly personal items.
Ricky Scott 2
Actually Carry on is not so bad IF the airlines would enforce the 1 bag and small size rule. The CRAP huge bags I see people put up there and the 3 or 4 bags they have is the biggest issue.
I'm still a fan of SWA's open-seating-in-bunches boarding style. Seems to be faster, and you get a better choice of seats unless you have the bad luck to be the last on board. $10 buys a lot of luck :).
Back to front would be the best way.
Travellers are carrying their luggage on board as not to have to pay the $25 fee or having to wait to retrieve their baggages at the caroussel. This $25 charge is a complete rip-off anyways, airfare are already so expensive. The congestion comes from having people trying to push their ''oversized'' bags into a 1X1 bin (exagerating here a bit) plus carrying all their personnel belongings as if they were travelling to the end of the world and never coming back !!!
Back to front is in my opinion the easiest and fastest way.
Oneontaky 2
It was said the aisle in flight is still the same size. Where did the extra 3" width in the middle seat come from? Did they take 1.5" from each of the window and aisle seats ?
James Hoopes 2
It's a safety hazard to have all that baggage in the overhead compartments in the first place. It should not be allowed. Period. Nothing like creating your own problems.
Chase Tompkins 2
no way
Michael Wise 2
The airline I fly most often, AviancaTACA, just sent me a survey, and one of the questions was asking my opinion of boarding all window, then middle, then aisle seats as opposed to back from front. Has anyone experience this "seat type" boarding procedures? What are disadvantages?
Bob Buxton 2
How would that work with couples and families? People want to stay close to their companions
Peter Gordon 1
Wouldn't it be easier to halve boarding times by loading from the fromt and rear (both by jetway please note Ryanir). Would it be expensive to design such a jetway?
jacques parent 1
no way
Gene Nowak 1
Has anyone thought about the boarding logistics? Now that you have this super wide aisle, what's done with the passengers who have the aisle and center seats? Board them last, or do they stand in the aisle waiting for their seat to be extended back from the center?
preacher1 1
I don't thnk I saw that is in the story anywhere. That could potentially be 2/3 of the plane. To boot he says that airlines have given up the TRADITIONAL BAC TO FRONT BOARDNG. I didn't know that ever was TRADITIONAL. It hasn't been that long since I flew as a PAX on both DAL and AA and bothere still boarding by grop, low # first which was the front.

BTW, how ya'll and O'Hare coming along on the runway deal up there? Havn't seen or heard anything in awhile.
Sam Tilley 1
Back to front isn't really an option due to overloading the rear of the aircraft could cause it to tip back onto it's tail.
preacher1 1
I doubt it would be a problem but if it became a concern stick a mule under it until loaded.
preacher1 1
This is especially true on an RJ or Mad Dog that is tail heavy to begin with. Short of putting a mule under it, you got to load it from the front first due to weight/balance thing
John Green 1
Boarding gate agents NEED to enforce the "We didn't call your zone (row number, section) yet, so PLEASE move aside and allow the called passengers to board".
Listen...invent all you want; until someone invents a human being that actually pays attention, follows instructions and operates with the heads out of their a... (you fill in the blank), the problem will not go away.

As for this great invention, I don't know what all the hub-bub is about. I flew an Alitalia Airbus domestically (within Italy) in 2009 that had these seats, or some earlier variant of them, on the first 4-5 rows. They SUCK. From a passenger perspective, I'd rather sit on the toilet, at least that seat's open ring reduces pressure on my backside. And, by the way, boarding took just as long, including the time it took me to figure out what to do with the damn thing when I got to my seat.
preacher1 1
Well,following their own instructions is one of the biggest things; Special needs and first class/upgrades boarding are one thing, but coach pax hardly ever listen to the boarding groups to begin with, and the gate agent generally lets them on thru, and puts no time between the boarding groups to boot, hence they are all dumped on the FA's and you have a plane full of people in the aisles, getting bumped and shoved. Once they get clear of the the gate and onto the jetway, they are not their problem anymore.

[This comment was deleted.]

donhun1313 1
Back to front no longer works because people put their carry-on in the first empty bin they come to. I have lost count of how many times I have found the overhead bin for my row stuffed full and no-one sitting in any of the seats for 3 rows in either direction.

On one flight in particular I witnessed a person put two large carry-ons in the overhead bin above our first row seats and then proceeded almost all the way to the back of the plane. Flight attendant saw the whole thing and made the offended check ALL of their carry on luggage. However most of the time the flight attendants do nothing but complain about everyone not sitting down as quickly as possible.

I have watched the overhead bins when we I fly and over half of the luggage in the overheads in the first 10 rows belongs to people sitting in the very back of the plane
preacher1 1
I want to know where I have gone wrong at. In the past year, I have flown Eagle and onto AA, generally a 67 or 77 and Pinnacle and then DAL, generally a 757 of some gender, mostly coach, and I have never seen any of this back to front boarding. Mine, on either airline, was always by zone from front to back.
Adam Margolis 1
Thats super cool. Thanks for sharing!
tim mitchell 1
over time parts get worn out and start to stick....I'd hate not to be able to board because of a stuck
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
Dragging ur remark on the lighter side ,over time our body parts also wear out and we do get stuck at times ! But we do not stop living life , do we ? So Buddy , keep flying , keep enjoying innovations . Viva la Innovations !!
preacher1 2
And if they are a little thinner or not up to par with the others, those old, wore out body parts may start to stick
Bob Billett 1
Best solution would be to stop everyone taking so much hand baggage onboard. Nothing more than a briefcase etc. The rest in the hold. No need for the extra cost of developing anything.
Several years ago, US Airways tried the "chevron" approach, boarding people by a combination of back-to-front and window-to-aisle, the objective being to minimize folks having to squeeze past those stuffing bags into bins and/or crossing over already-seated pax.

I don't know what US' results were. Oddly, at about the same time pre-merger NW boarded in three groupings: special-needs, first-class, then everybody else. Despite my apprehensions, my experiences confirmed NW's claims it cut boarding time by five minutes. That's about as close to SW's proto-egalitarian seating method the legacy guys ever got.
Gordon Shenkle 1
Yeah, right. I'm a BIG guy and I'd be afraid...VERY AFRAID putting my weight on that spindly shaft holding the aisle seat to the middle. And hit some turbulence and see that my seat is now angled INTO the aisle, the outside now 3-4" below the inside and I'm sitting at a 45 degree angle...fughetaboudit!!! As much as I love flying, I'm DRIVING!!!!


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