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Fatal air crash decline presents safety challenge

It’s been 43 months since the last deadly airline crash in the United States, the longest period without a fatal domestic accident since commercial aviation expanded after World War II. That sounds like unvarnished good news, but one consequence of having such a remarkable record is that it’s difficult to justify imposing costly new safety rules on the economically fragile industry. ( 更多...

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bentwing60 2
It's called the news, Sparkie, but it is not about the news anymore. It's about agendas, 24/7 presence and ad sales. As Mel Brooks once said, Gentlemen, we have to protect our phoney baloney jobs! In order to support that agenda, on a slow news day they manufacture it. Unfortunately, on a busy day they send out the food editor to cover the little airplane crash. We should be happy with the current accident rate, which also extends to GA. Sadly I believe most of that is due to the lack of GA activity. There is hope, as the election is nigh. Vote early, vote often.
sparkie624 1
Are they complaining... they should be happy.
Leo66 1
Ah Jeeze, Don't jinx it by saying these predictions!


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