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Lightning Strike Hits Air New Zealand 747 at Brisbane [PHOTO]

An Air New Zealand Boeing 747 was struck by lightning at Brisbane International Airport that was captured in a photo that circulated the internet on November 17th ( 更多...

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Warwick Ivory 6
Air NZ have advised that the 747 aircraft was not hit and the lightning bolt was way beyond the aircraft which was stationary at the terminal. The photo makes it look as if it was hit. The aircraft departed on scheduled time despite the violent storm.
Thanks, I really couldn't tell from the photo. If it were a still photo, it remains a good catch though.
siriusloon 6
Wherever it hit, I bet a few rampies in the area checked their shorts for an unscheduled arrival.
ken young 1
Yep...First ya say it. Then ya do it!
Usually it hits pointy parts, but it can also strike a flat surface.
Tim Bray 1
If it had hit the plane, then there would have been a concurrent (SP) strike through the grounding cable at the nose of the Aircraft.
Roland Dent 0
Thats the practice the intial strike has to take the full energy of the discharge..beacause alu is not a perfect conductor a lot of that energy disrupts the metal which melts and ignites. When the machine is off the ground that energy is dissapated to the surrounding moist air, when the machine is on the ground there is not the volume of water filled air to take the charge. No..had this bolt struck the alu it would have blown a hole in it. In the old days when machines used gasoline the risk was high...modern machines burning kero mixes are at much less risk. If some of you are in disagreement then please look the subject up.
Roland Dent 0
Moreover that is a big advantage that composites have over metals. They are non conductive so if a charge is applied to them it can only create a little surface heat and if that surface is wet then the water immediatadely boils off and stops the conductive path. Part of the commercial pilot quals should include some engineering tuition because the it is clear to me a lot of you know zilch about the basics.
linbb -3
Another repost look before you post
Roland Dent -4
If lightening had hit the plane it would have blown that small part off if it was alu...thats the advantage composites have.


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