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Houston's 'Space Shuttle' to get new name in Texas contest

Florida has Atlantis, California is home to Endeavour, Virginia displays Discovery and New York has Enterprise. Texas has a space shuttle, too — a full-scale, high-fidelity mockup of the NASA winged vehicles — but what the Lone Star State's orbiter doesn't have is a name. ( More...

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Brian McNeil 3
Even through I live in Massachusetts, I think it should be call either Columbia or Challenger in honor of these Shuttles who were tragically destroyed in accidents on January 28, 1986 and February 1, 2003 respectfully.
sparkie624 1
Agreed.. Would be appropriate.
preacher1 1
I think it should be called "Independence" complimenting the Texas Spirit!
Jim Buist 1
Ditto. That was my first thought, also.
Musketeer1 1
I think Texas should be getting the Enterprise and New York can find a name for the mockup.
mark stella 1
Libertatis; for all that being a Texan means;

From Latin for; liberty, freedom, independence, ease, unconstraint, candour
chalet 1
A mock up is a mock up and will always be a mock up, you DON'T put names on muck ups; ah Texans.... (LIMAO!!!)
I just submitted TRIBUTE, in respect for all of the dedicated workers in the program over the years, many of whom were from Texas. Also, of course, in respect for the fallen astronauts in the program, some of whom were lost in the skies over Texas.


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