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Mystery Malaysia flight may have been hundreds of miles off course

The Malaysian Air Force has traced the last known location of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 to a spot above Pulau Perak, a very small island in the Straits of Malacca and hundreds of miles from the usual Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight path, according to a senior Malaysian Air Force official. The official declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media. ( 更多...

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Tom Lyons 4
What's with all the linking?
PhotoFinish 5
At the moment, these shortcuts are associated with a bunch of fake profiles that are spamming this forum with links to one spefic website. Couldn't tell you if it's one person with a bunch of fake profiles, or a small team of fake profiles working in coordination to spam the boards and promote their website.

Just using this tragedy to promote their business, quite aggressively.
This whole time everyone was looking in the wrong place while Malaysian Air Force knew this information? This is ridiculous.
Even more than redicoulious 5 days later Thai Primary target radar gives the tape,why not same night ?"You did not ask for" This answer looks a lot like complicity ! Anyway MH370 was Spottet progressing into china at a correct appearing time and Altitude ,with AC_S mode ON ! see Youtube On the other hand Ping signals report more than ID and time , they also have Altitude(from GPS , if no longer from barometric encoder !!!)LAT anfd LONG . Boeing is under investigation, witness protected !?! They have to reveal LAT LONG ALT to Eric Holder FBI ,
because we have Philip Wood and few more US Citizens onboard . Also Israel must know where this B777 has landed safely, Also someone on depature airport may come forward and show the Emergency ELT equipments/Blackbox etc, if uninstalled/stolen
before this flight. There was people on the Ground and probably also people on board that knew this flight is not going to Bejing . Radar Piggy Back-uing to Singapore B777 to Barcelona , +- 10min same departure times , woul give an opportunity to cruise diagonally acrossed India , Somalia ,Egypt,Yemen and break off from the formation flight heading for West Pakistan ,Somalia and/or Ogaden, where they could have been very welcomed among Taliban,Muslim Brotherhood ,NK weaponizers and Uighurs.
PhotoFinish 1
In order to get an accurate lat long alt data, you'll need to triangulate.

Triangulate, triangle, three.

That suggests three or more satellites receiving the ping.

The ping arcs that have been publicized suggest that only 1 satellite received the ping. Of course, if a GPS receiver was built into the satellite pinging hardware, the plane hardware could've calculated it's own long lat alt, and sent that with the ping IF it were programed to do so.

Maybe someone knows more than they're letting on based on sat data. But the info shared with the public doesn't seem to indicate that.

It is entirely possible that intelligence agencies would not want to reveal their capabilities and would hold their cards close to the chest.

Both Malaysia and Thailand were reluctant to share their passive radar capabilities. Neither was forthcoming with valuable information immediately after the plane went missing, nor after the plane was announced to be missing, nor for many days after the plane was missing.
Jay Pee 3
Sorry guys but what about this?
moop 1
Seems credible.
Jay Pee 2
The only thing that is suspicious to me is that the employee is using a hotmail account to apparently email his boss.

The information seems to be precise though and with a good, technical data.
ben Aggus 3
Something that bugs me about this theory. If it flew back over land, wouldn't someone's cell phone possibly contact a tower on land?

I'm sure out of the 200+ passengers that at least one cell phone's radio would have been on.

I'm not saying they would have tried to place a call, just that the phone would have possibly registered with a tower as the plane passed overhead.

I don't think the plane flew back over Malaysia. I think the military radar will end up being a false lead.
yes ,in one instance , a cell phone in Bejing actually rang and inicated the callers ID .It was a Passanger on Board.No conversation in voice however was established "call dropped " she sAid.
Eddie Ng 2
how much reduction of speed can be make within 5minute from aboove 35,ooofeets AND how fast can a plane down frm 35,ooo feets within 5minute? to the left and to the rights. i think should search within tht radius from the last spotted location.
Speed reduction ? 7 hrs fuel on board,remaining 4:40hrs ,engine delivering thrust maybe uncontrollable, the speed and altitude give enourmous energcy potential. Spoiler activation is unthinkable after this total loss of power. No way , Your aircraft is on fire ,structure dismantled,systems out for sure and final. The struggle started after leaving Airspace Malaysia, ATC Handover,Loss of COm NAV A/P
all this at night near stalling speed in cruise.To Handfly this jet , is now saving your life.
Pilots these days: most selected by their characterly weakness,(eg. they must commit to do cabin cleanings after the flight etc) , would never take the courage to ask over battery powered Megaphone,the 139 Pax, if anyone has a b777 experience and/or cellphone with functional GPS on board ...and ..if anyone is mastering Astronavigation . vDitching is an option.But you need to know if yur over water or not.
Impact with water brings new opportunity of Emergency signal dispursings incl. Sat.Communication.
Each Float has a self activating ELT , if one of them goes off,the crash/ditch is located.
Tim Duggan 1
YOU are still posting gibberish. What nonsense.
steve rogers 2
if that's the case they would have flown past penang , penang is a busy airport even at night , lots of cargo fed ex and so on land there at night , hard to believe no one would have spotted that flying so close
Colin Seftel 3
It's also hard to believe that the Malaysian air force would allow an unidentified aircraft to overfly without intercepting it.
that's themotive for cover-up activity on the side of AirForce Officers/Generals, they do not
wanna lose their position/their power/their wealth. Over there its not the salary that gives you momentum , its your Power. So they cannot admit that they followed the primary target all the way to the crash site, without giving up their positions,there must be extorsions in progress.
Absolutely right, seems as though they knew what was happening.

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PhotoFinish 0
I can see a nice Onion satire on this:

BREAKING NEWS: Fisherman pulls garbage out of the ocean. His debris recovery is covered all around the world, despite making no significant impact on the quantity of ocean borne flotsam in the world's oceans. Scientists perplexed why amounts of ocean garbage keeps increasing despite many highly publized retrievals of garbage lately, and suspect that humans may be poluting thier oceans with litter and debris at rates faster than the fisherman can keep up. Fisherman demands government subsidy for the ecologically sensitive work, after finding garbage in the ocean every day despite having picked up everything he had found each previous day. He's about ready to throw in the towel. He suspects the problem is insurmountable, and much bigger than any one man can can do anything meaningful about and decides to throw the garbage back in.

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joe milazzo 2
It was a real clear night last night and I was checking out the moon with my telescope and I found the plane crash in the sea of tranquillity..........please!!!!

[This poster has been suspended.]

[This poster has been suspended.]

PhotoFinish 2
Not true. Link bait. Spammers should be removed.
Wallace Berry 1
From last known pos to Iran 3000 nm wild conjecture wb
Lance . 1
This is not completely correct. ADS-B is line of sight, utilizes 978 Mhz for its transmisson medium, and is used by many aircraft even while within range of standard radar sites (300 mile range roughly). The goal is to eventually outfit all carrier companys with this system, and to eventually replace radar dependant systems.
norm beck 1
Can I suggest a sudden loss of oxygen similar to what happened to Payne Stewarts' plane. if on autopilot and it continued east into the Pacific it may not have been picked up on radar. search where fuel would have run out. Norm Beck Australia
Tim Duggan 1
No, it's entirely different. In the case of Payne Stewart's LearJet, they did have a sudden decompression, and donned their O2 masks, but the main valve to the oxygen tank had not been turned on, prior to takeoff (as part of the pre-flight), and the crew did not know they weren't receiving oxygen in the masks.

Modern airliner O2 systems and masks are very different.
jas32 1
If that is the case, they would have entered Chinese airspace which would have scrambled a few Chinese jet fighters.
And that does not explain why the transponder was turned off
it is an absurd that such incompetence surfaces from the Malaysian military!!! OR..there is a Major COVER UP on this whole subject! China is already mad...and I think that a very "unique" development on this matter is about to surface. But my main concern are the families that are suffering due to lack of "true press releases" by the Malayan gov and Malaysia Airlines. Very poor handling of the situaton. M.A. will have to go true a deep reestructuring procedures process after this. Sad times for comercial aviation...real sad!
follow radar tracks in youtube.Let me say this: There have been some military jet(s) on and around the outboundtraffic . Round shape means "unidentifyable aircraft" shape becomes an airplane means > than 99 kts or so.Gone from primary echo means , dive down into low altitude or steep climb,constant radius to the station, overhead into the cone of silence.
Visa versa: Coming out of the cone of silence, constant radius in vertical profile,he catched up with the target, realized it was the wrong target and he dove down, shooting up again towards MH370 in his radar shadow , hit him with a missileande dive down again to dissapear for 70 or 90 minutes.Later on setting the civilian squak to send false transponder signals FL295 in the NW .
The acceleration on speed of MH370 never got into calculation it needs about 3 or 4 blips to establish a digital read out.But you see definitely a speed up, and also there must have been a tremendous altitude gain , out of calculators range so it displays imkmediately zero ft. , unfortunately just at the end of radar range else we would have seen the real primkary target going from airplane shape into disk shape before dissapearing.
Dave Nosek 1
Love these people who are not "authorized" to speak to the media but do so anyhow with all kinds of speculation. Point is until they find the wreckage or the aircraft on some hidden airstrip no one can say what happened. As far as the military tracking it over some spot there not a very effective military if they didn't send a fighter to investigate an aircraft flying in there airspace with no transponder. That would have been an immediate response in most countries that have any kind of air defense system.
absolutely .the ATC Controller must declare emergency after Transponder and Altitude encoding ceases.Even the Malaysia ATC after he heard "all right Good night" i hope they have challenged Voice ID with families of cockpit crew and/or people/agencies who had previous voice probes .Also the Vietnamese controller who failed to get the "check in call" and cloud not find transpondersignals,he also must declare Emergency on MH370 !Bombs unseccesfully have been tryed to get smuggled on board in Kuala Lumpour.A Bomb could have made it , with a suicidal passenger triggering off by car keys, or cellphone code.
its a complete loss of boardvoltage . No A/P handflying , at night , primary target was
available on the retrurn flight. Opposite heading , time chack, double the time and you should arriveover Area of departure. Anybody on board handheald cell/GPS please id yourself
Lower altitude if cabin pressure does not hold up.
Descent into assumed Kuala Lumpur area
1) Eye observer sees a fireball into ocean 2) Cell phone conracvt with a passanger means aircraft was low with passanger(s) alive !
Bordvoltage recovery attemps or BUS back up emergency attempt to restore power,may have ignited the fuinal explosion.
Before the flight,the transponder code gets assigned and for anybody to hear and listen in,broadcasted. The luggage of 1 or 2 ID -thefts may have been swapped before handed over to the baggage handlers containing triggeringdevice and explosives. Let's do basic aerodynamics here. Lift is established ,sufficient to accelerate skywards more than the 1/4 million Lbs of Jetfuel. Thrust is established to maintain 330 kts climb speed + 1/4 million lbs load of fuel translatorically forward.At once an explosion separates so much mass from the structure that still experiences Thust and Lift. an immense vector of G's will catapult this empty of fuel and luggage fuselage skywards out way out into the atmosphere for a ballistic bow .A parable that makes re-entry for the burning rest of the structure ,zero thrust and zero lift , to ~ 155 NM SE of Saigon .
The criminal Aviator(s) the assassins however in their jet with a manipulatable Altitude encoder on board ,proceeds from the explosion/collision/fuel separation point as a primary radartarget
left turn west bound , later SW-bound to fool ATC and Air defence radar sites, finally ,after 70 min. open up transponder code as MH370 faking the fatal crash in the NW of departure Airport.If they dive there,they would not find anyobjects there.
Tim Duggan 1
I can't even BEGIN to address this starts off somewhat

'factual', then quickly digresses into absolute gibberish!!
Rolls-Royce and Boeing have reported that they didn't receive transmissions of any kind after 1:07 a.m. Saturday.- Data link is via Satellite and via Transponder. Satellite signal(Lat/Long ,engine data etc. missing is not giving alarm to the ATC, loosing a secundary(actual Altitude reporting radar Position)radar tag is not alarming either that far out in the ocean ,especially after the
Controller heard " all right good night" from someone/anybody with same bearing in reference to the receiving station( if the COM - bearing is observed and recorded ! )and the aircraft believed it came friom is traveling out of radar range . What let the time go by , is failed handover to the next controller,Vietnam started calling unsuccesfully and called on landlines Malaysian ATC to report an open/unanswered handover. at 1.30 finally , ATC realizes that Comm and Transponder is lost. Air defence radar records show another , believed to be MH370 , jetaircraft . Probably the one
who brought the B777 down and had listened in on the ground before the flight when the squawk code was assigned to MH370 .This criminal controlled jetaircraft tunes in the code 70 min after the explosion of the B777 ,everybody onboard long dead and froozen up ,instant decompressed, at -57 degree celsius ,that jetaircraft unauthorized started squawking the code of the B777 making ATC believe the B777 had turned back and the final crash site would be in the North West.
For avionics technicians its relatively easy to
rigg a transponder Altitude encoding device in a way that, the reporting Altitude becomes manually selectable.Same as on your Stereo a nice large knob may control the volume.
Lybia E.G. had a few military MIRAGE AND MIGS Jets unaccounted for in 2012.Possibly sitting in Ogaden ,Yemen ,North Korea ,Syrian's or Iranian hands.
Keep in mind, prior to MH370 multiple incidents occured when terrorists tryed to smuggle onboard of jetliners, same departure airport . Keep in mind , how easy it is to overtricks a falsID traveler with a bag swap before turn in to baggage handlers.
he escape and recovery must have been same as the join-in maneuver for this assassination mission , low level ,nightflying.
Tim Duggan 1
Complete nonsense. You are making a fool of yourself, here.
Hate saying this, especially with out all the facts on the table, but did one of the flight crew go squirrelly? Transponder turned off and now the fact that the 777 MAY have flown 4 hours after last contact?
They cannot tell us this or that,they'd reveal the sources and/or jeopardize their job/their rank..Anyway- they forgot a lot more , here e.g. 2 Eye witnesses saw the fireball go down,One oildriller of shore Saigon 222km , and one Malaysian on ground near thai borders in the north,in Kota Bharu ,looking northeast sky.Both fireball sightings at about 1.15 am Singapore time.Distance on surface over the gulf of thailand between the two ground observers almost 400 Miles = 640km = 360NM on this round Globe surface.

Can we confirm a datamatch between the 2 observers ? Lets do the math,draw these triangles ,globe has circumferential distance of 44ooo km ,The explosion cannot be higher with the fuel they had after 43 min in flight than 31000feet .Cabin limit is 41000 feet.

Result of calculation comes out 48000 feet Altitude , One or the other observer was dreaming ,if the explosion did not cause a tremindious gain in Altitude!Into much higher Altitude . The Formula for potential Energy is m*g*h (mass in kg , g=9.81 , h =height in meters) 7 hours worth of fuel is about 7*19500 lbs=136000.00 lbs burn off in 1 or 2 minutes !!! = 62000kg .

assuming inertia Speed mach .84 or climb speed 330 kts negletable,(some experts try to explain even a speed gain also must occur !!)39000feet out of 31000 feet , or 46000 ft out of 370000 ft . Still too low for both eye witnesses both to see . Lets calculate an airspeed loss of 340kts to stall speed of 110kts ,converted = trade speed for Altitude ,in additional Altitude assuming OAT-48 degree celsius .we get another 1.26 altitude for Energy factors 1.26*1.27 =give us an Altitude gain of 1.6 .This means 31000ft entry altitude would within 2 minutes come to 49500 feet ,certainly jerk the overpressure cabin vqlves all open and at some point cabin explosion into a BRAZILLIAN PIECES,FREEZING INSTANTLY ALL CREW AND PAX TO DEATH. Bu the sighting of both observers was not horizon,they say up on the sky,Both say moving trowards them,which would match the optical impression if the Boeing was going upwards fast. We need to find more factors for more Altitude ,else one or the other eyewitness was not seeing our B777-ER . Our 2 minute assumption may have been to long and/or we have overlooked the fact, the pressure wave at the front of the fireball may have pushed up another 10 or 20000 feet. Would not know,how to calculate this .It cannot be higher than the jetfuel flame forward progressing speed. Anyway, this Boeing may have found itself as high as 100000feet at its highest moment, desintregaetd totally in the AIr, Engines have not exploded ,so they could be found one day ,bay of Thailand is not very deep. Only one side the tank(s) may have exploded , no reason to think both would ignite at the same time.Remember TWA800 , stochiometry was at 1/1.14.8 =explosionscapable gas in the tank and a spark source. As Sparksource, i would not go as far as a bomb willfully brought to ignition onboard of Baggage holds(eg.triggered by barometric pressure sensor).We want to keep things simple until detectives on the ground can establish a willful take-down of this Flight. Many times it was tryed in Kuala Lumpour to get a bomb onboard , but averted each time.

A short in a cable/cablage string. high voltage is used to blink the anti collition bulbs at the end of tips , winglets have broken off at the B777-ER before and this would definately bring a spark in a dangerious state of tank filling. If I were the ICAO and/or FAA , i would have no powerfull high voltage cablage hot durinmg flights for many month until more safety can be established,eg Tank ventilation etc.This can be done easily by technical update ,admendment of checklists,flight managment computer etc. Critical is the phase towards the end of climb. Or transitioning from climb to cruise.

Very disturbing that night was a clown.An aviator, (could be the assassin) establishing primary target

from the area of our mid-air explosion all the way into the Indian sea and back to the straights of malakka,where he stopped his show(fake crash) by probably low altitude high speed escape.Playing/manipulatijng orally with an Altitude encoder(its easy ,disconnect the static pressure hose ,take it in the mouth and suck a vacuum,it will bring easy 16000 feet higher than you are on display at the secondary radar screen).Somewhere he had the sqwuak code ,from ATC (probably when it got assigned by Tower on ground before the flight,in the clearance) and the S Mode code is published anyway. 70 minutes after the mid-air explosion he managed to double cross (dublicate squak) the secondary target of MH370,faking 29500 feet, he cause a lot of confusion by ATC controlers that night ,especially the military Air defence watch,guarding the Airspace. After 70 minutes of tracking primary target come up with a fake radar ID .He knew 139 persons lost their life ,it could have been him firing a deadly projectile onto MH370 . Hope we will find that individual, a lot worse than those individuals (also in military age !!)using a stolen passport in their attempt of getting asylum in Frankfurt or Copenhagen.

For Cross check my calculations here the numbers:

Earth radius 7000 km , greatcirle groundline segment 640km

Both Observer looking line straight out horizontal (not up to sky somewhere ! )

Tangens 320/7000 , M=237000kg after weightloss of the fuel, 299000kg at explosion, before weightloss . height gain factor 1.275
Cockpit breach is about dead and life !


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