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Video: Aviat Husky Tows Skier Up a Mountain

Talk about a quick trip back to the top. In a video posted to YouTube a few days ago, U.S. Ski Team member Reese Hanneman can be seen being towed up a mountain somewhere in the Alaska Range behind an Aviat Husky. ( 更多...

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Bob Carlson 1
There's an older youtube video of a helicopter trying to tow a bot, did not end well.
People like this never stop finding new ways to kill themselves and their friends. What is shocking is that FLYING Magazine chose to promote this unsafe act of stupidity which will eventually give GA another black eye. FLYING needs a new editor as they have shown a disregard for aviation safety recently by promoting this crap, making excuses for dangerous pilots and talking out of their @rs$e$ about the missing 777.
BaronG58 1
Don't think pilot/friends were forced to do this at gun point. They were in the middle of nowhere...public not at risk. People jump out of perfectly good planes daily..occasionally one dies. does this give GA a black eye? Reno has air races each year with 1000's in attendance. Occasionally with accident. Does this give GA a black eye?


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