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Hartsfield-Jackson unveils plan for new parking decks, gates, runway

Hartsfield-Jackson International officials unveiled a draft of plans for future expansion through 2031, including the replacement of the airport’s aging parking garages and eventually, potential additional concourses and a sixth runway. ( 更多...

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It took 20 years to get the 5th runway built, so if they want to build #6 by 2031 the city better start cracking. Clayton County has vowed not to give up any more land for the airport -- but with enough $$$$ anything is possible. South Cargo still has land for a 100,000 + square cargo building that was never built, but the cargo expansion planned for the old Southern Airways/Northwest Hangar land is a no brainer as it is currently used just for employee parking with the hangar sitting empty for the past 10 years. New parking decks make sense since the rental car facility moved north of I-85 vacating many acres of prime close to the terminal land.
MultiComm 1
Looks like they are going to build the 6th in between 27L and 28 which I suppose would make the new runway 28R and rename the current to 28L.

In addition they would build more cargo space where the current empty hangars are now just east of the current active cargo facility. Not sure how that would affect the current employee Lot 3 as it appears they want to reroute a portion of Loop Road right through it. Maybe they would move the employee lot a little closer now that all the rental facilities have vacated (although doubtful as they also mentioned a desire to build a hotel near the main terminal.

Also, best I could tell the new runway would be limited to smaller traffic as it couldn't be much longer than 5800 feet unless they again reconfigure the Riverdale Road area.


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