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USMC saying goodbye to CH-46 helicopters

The helicopter has been around since Vietnam, primarily used to transport Marines and drop off cargo. It is now being phased out and replaced with an Osprey, a faster helicopter/airplane. ( More...

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Gene spanos 9
The CH 46 kept us alive, fed, ammo and more while on resupply missions all along the DMZ during the effort to keep the NVA back. Especially the medivacs!

Good bless all of those pilots
Apparently we were in the same AO. 101st 70-71. Sorry, Army not Marine.
BaronG58 1
Fort Campbell graduate are ya?
Live not far from Campbell at Ky Lake.
BaronG58 1
When I was there we called it the "Phrog"
The 46 and the Army's helicopters can do things the Osprey can't, like coming into a tight, hot LZ with a big flare and pedal turn, all the while chopping tree limbs and taking hits. Then chopping your way out and doing it all in 30 seconds. The grunts will miss her.
btweston 2
Why can't it do that stuff, out of curiosity?
Too long a time to transition to helicopter mode(coming in hot and stopping on a dime with 9 cents change is not something I have seen them do), chopping branches with rotors would probably damage wings and mechanisms, and I have never seen it maneuver with the nimbleness of a helicopter. Probably fine in the desert. They have their place but I don't see them as a direct replacement for the 46. Just me, and I am not a Marine. Lol
ltcjra 1
But the Osprey allows reserve Marines to billet further away from the fighting. Chinook only had a 150 knot/hour speed. Troops had to be close to battle to get there in a hurry. Osprey more than 300 knots/hour. Commander can give troops more security being away from the fighting area and return them to battle quicker. In current scenarios, we are not fighting in places with tree limbs, etc.
joel wiley 1
This does sound vaguely reminiscent of the Warthog demise, doesn't it?
Yep. Don't see an Osprey going into a hover down LZ with triple canopy jungle on a steep hillside. Lol
joel wiley 1
Oddly enough, a lot of people said "that <insert model> can't do that" had just watched it being done. Lots of things got done when the pilots didn't know/care it couldn't be done and went ahead and did it anyway. 8-)
BaronG58 2
Your right Joel. I watched a Huey pilot carve out a LZ to extract wounded. Won't find this in the POH. Looked like a weed eater on steroids!
We did it all the time extracting SF and merc teams when they got hemmed up. They very seldom made it to a good extraction point. It remains to be seen how well the 22 withstands battle damage. When I see it darting around at treetop level and and doing backward takeoffs from a pinnacle followed with a pedal turn and diving down the side of a mountain at treetop level to avoid enemy fire that's when I'll believe it.
Bernie20910 1
Like barrel rolling a 707 :D
jim hanson 5
Chinooks (CH-47) are still being manufactured--and re-manufactured. Though they share the same general configuration, they are not the same helicopter.
Bernie20910 3
It's always sad to see an aircraft type with this much history behind it get retired and I, for one, will miss these birds. I spent many hours aboard these in my Navy days, and I've watched them going in and out of Pax River, Dhalgren, and Quantico these past six years. The Osprey isn't a bad aircraft, and it does the job+, but it's also a heck of a lot noisier, and scares the crap out of my cats when one passes overhead inbound to Quantico. I guess they'll have to get used to them though.
Dave H 2
I Remember seeing this helicopter maybe another model, but the soldiers were unloading a small Howitzer out of it, is the Osprey capable or doing the same? I'm not really a pro but a novice on the subject of helicopters, but I have always seen these flying out near El Paso Texas in the sky above McGregor Range all the time especially when they have War game's involving Ft Bliss and other Armed forces, I really hate to see them go.
smoki 2
The V-22 Osprey makes up in speed what the CH-46 Sea Knight lacks thus increasing combat effective range but there's simply no way it can get into and out of an LZ with the same agility as the helo regardless of the condition of that LZ. I can only speculate but I suspect the Marine Corps is reluctantly saying goodbye to this long serving and faithful helo not because they want to but because they have no choice. it's not practical for them to ask for both the V-22 and the CH-46, refurbished or new, given the usual budget constraints particularly for the Marine Corps. The price of one V-22 might buy several 46s and now so much money will be siphoned away by the fixed wing VTOL F-35 which would appear to have most of its developmental issues resolved with the Marine Corps beginning its Operational Evaluation of the airplane at Edwards AFB and the Canadians coming onboard to buy some of the airplanes.
joel wiley 2
Thus showing the relative value of the defense contractor's mission to that of the grunt in the mud.
Nice farewell video for this great ship. I spent many hours in the CH 46 as a crew member / gunner.
Wayne Arnold 2
No other,specially a VSTOL,bird can ever come close to replacing the chinooks-like previous comments -V -22 will never be able to come in to a hot LZ and sit down, unload beans,bullets, and all while loading wounded and also holding it's own with fire power and then on the way out take down enough bamboo,with the rotors to build a hundred cane poles,
The ospray is to high tech -and way to slow to transition from fixed wing to rotor craft -and I worry that are guy's on the ground are go'in to be the one's to pay the high price of are ( the military ) decisions to phase out the great flying bus,
jmilleratp 2
The Chinooks are great! I hope we get to see the CH-47's still flying.
744pnf 1
Isn't there a new Chinook being manufactured?
Bernie20910 2
CH-47 Chinooks are still being built here in the USA and in Italy and Japan under license. The story is about the CH-46 Sea Knight. They look similar but the CH-46 is a little smaller.
don krieger 1
wAS qUALITY rep in eastern US for Vertol Division and vouch for highest B0eing demands in both CH46 and Chinook helicopters. Kept up with combat changes and updates to highest prioriy. Both are GREAT aircraft and served our troops for many years. farewell SKYKNIGHT .
Bernie20910 1
Quality rep? Really?

BTW, it's SEA Knight, not Sky Knight.
jerrynolan 1
The Marines have really fallen in love with the Osprey. I think they'll regret dumping the CH-46's if they ever get in another conflict with hot LZ's like in Vietnam. Ospreys can't get in and out quick enough.


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