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Breathtaking views of Greenland!

Stunning views of Greenland during on a flight from to Iceland ( 更多...

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Chuck Me 8
Make sure you watch to the end. After his typically brilliant documentation of the flight, he added the "nose cam" view of the takeoff from Greenland. Beautiful.
joel wiley 9
Always a pleasure. Thanks Guido Warnecke!
Lee Doughty 4
I was a passenger on an Air Force HU16 that flew from BGSF to BGBW in 1971. That was an amazing experience!
preacher1 2
I spent about 45 days or so TDY up there (USAF) at Thoule' in ' 69 when that bomber went down. Never was so cold in my life and while I guess it's pretty, I have absolutely no interest in gong back. LOL
Yeah 75 is chilly for me now!!! I like it at 90...
ken young 1
I HATE got weather. Anything over 85-90 and I am miserable.
From May thru September my two favorite words are "Air conditioning".
preacher1 1
That's the way with me and my wife now. She about suffocates when she comes back here into my world. I built a new living room several years ago. Had to cut off all the HVAC ducts to it; got a window AC that does heat & cool and put it out there. I have the central set on about 75 back here. She stays from 10-15 below that and wipes sweat part of the time. LOL
i spent 1 year at bw1....53-54....the only thing about that place was the sign as you got off the c54....welcome to sunny southern greenland....there's a girl behind every tree....i looked all year....never found the tree or the can go on google maps and see narsarssuak afb...the machine shop i worked in is still there...sure brings back some old really was'nt that bad of a learn not to be lonely...
chalet 1
How many hpurs aloft?
Lots of fun to watch! I'm a student pilot just learning how to fly a Cessna (at age 60) and this reminds me of a client I had 30 years ago, Brooke Knapp, who flew her Lear 35 on an around-the-world record setting flight, landing in Reykjavik. I did her PR but really yearned to be a pilot. Life went another way, but it's never too late.
While I'm still overwhelmed with the enormity of the responsibilities of a PIC, I'm also amazed that I actually understand some if not most of what Guido is doing. Awesome and inspiring. Thanks, Guido!
ken young 2
Guido W.....THE guy!!!!
Ken Clutter 1
I'm glad the guy in the right seat didn't eat what he picked out of his nose. Other than that, great video.
I was stationed at Thoule in 1965 for 5 months before my knee blew up (from the cold) and I was ultimately discharged when I refused a knee replacement. No place on earth like it!
preacher1 1
Well, definitely no place on Earth like it. Thank God!!
ric lang 1
It's spelled THULE. I spent a year on BW-8 (Sondrestrom) a SAC refueling base, 600 guys freezing their asses off.....remember spending 14 hours on the line trying to change a landing light on a c-47 with thems @ 55 below.
everything was done in slow motion up there....some pretty long cold winters....but the northern lights looked pretty guys had it a lot colder up north..
Ken Lane 1
Great video and awesome scenery!
Jeffrey Bue 1
Love these vids.
henry jacob 1
Fantastic clip and yes breath taking views. I do fly quite a bit as a passenger on the Duba-Los Angeles run. would love to see more of this in the future
Fantastic, Thanks Guido.
HowSwedeitis 1
Guido is the man! I love his vids! They're pure fun!


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