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(Video) Private Jets Beat Airlines For Speaking To God

Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, defending their private jets ( More...

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R J 7
Kenneth Copeland even has his own airport for his Citation X.
R J 4
Here's a picture of his Citation X
I know I'm jealous! This is my dream plane. When I when the lottery I can get a chance to fly in one.
R J 5
Sorry, I meant to say that God has His own airport to keep His Citation X.
Never heard such a pile of bunk in my life. Jesus never lived a lavish lifestyle, mostly in poverty as we know it today, and he was far more effective as a teacher.
usad -7
And what scripture said He lived in poverty??? The word used for carpenter also means stone mason. If his father was a stone mason, he would have made a good living for the period. Study scripture more...believe in the movies less.
usad -5
Oh, and I forgot to mention that the "Wise Men," (remember them? there was much more than three according to historical data) they brought Him gold, and spices...lots of it. Messiah's family started out pretty well. They didn't live lavishly, but comfortably. The clothes He was wearing when crucified were expensive/well made clothing. Guards bet for them to see who would get them. They weren't rags.
Highflyer1950 10
Funny stuff. I remember sittiing on the ramp in Akron, Ohio in the early 80's and this Convair 580 comes in beside me. Out pops Jerry Falwel (I believe) and his entourage, into the limo's and off they go. I got invited to have a look inside and low and behold, white shag rug front to back and 4 blonde flight attendants! (looked more like a bordello inside than a corporate aircraft) I guess things don't change, they just get more expensive.
patrick baker 8
such bull artists. they don't need to fly anywhere, anytime. Instead, stay local, like Jesus did, walk the neighborhoods, and minister to the needy. Eliminates the need of expensive shows of wealth which is most unspiritual. These guys are phonies deluding the gullible, and I can do nothing more about it than vent and write here.
Jim Heslop 2
Amen to that! And the word of Jesus has got around just fine by all of His foot soldiers! He didnt need jet jocks then...He sure doesnt need them today!
Ed Blanchard 0
Patrick, you hit the nail squarely on its head! These two are full of themselves. They represent the cardinal differences that set apart the concepts of 'religion' and 'spirituality',. In my opinion, they are full of the former while constantly denying the latter.
Thomas Soch 1
Let me tell you, Jesse is so rich when he speaks at my church he does not even take an offering or a speaking fee. Money does not own him he owns it. Do some fact based research and look at what they really do, check their fruit. God bless you.
Indiana Wing, CAF just wants $25K to rebuild the starboard engine on their lately acquired Beech SNB. I know they will honor Veterans with memory flights. I've seen it and flew with them. Will this guy do the same with his $6.5 million jet? If yes, how often? Remember, GOD's listening!
Pa Thomas 12
Carlin on religion and money....

But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bs story.....
Thomas Soch 0
The good news (The Gospel) is free just like water but the distribution of it is not. You don't pay for the water you pay for the distribution of it. God already owns it all, and has had great mercy on you without cost. You cannot mock God without exposing your need to receive Him into your life. Money has value and your use of it shows where your values are.
lynx318 -1
Of course money has value, you born in the dark ages or what. We can't walk around these days trading chickens & cows for our needs now can we? No way a bible can be printed for free, someone has to pay for ink, electricity, paper, binding, etc. There is no such thing as free goods.
Thomas Soch 2
My point was not that "money has value", my point was the use of it shows where your values are. Not that any of those things are misuse of money but more about honor. Jesus's whole life was all about giving. Very few if any wealthy people are not givers, that is how they got wealthy in the first place. That may not make any sense to you but that's ok for now.
Ric Wernicke 7
Every deck of cards I unwrap has two jokers just like these characters that are useless to society and has the rest of us supporting their indulgent lifestyle. Not by direct contribution, but by my support of government while they contribute nothing to the public coffers.

There is no place on the planet is that is not served by one airline or another. If they find a place that is not served by commercial transportation, let them travel like Jesus did. Everywhere he went, he went by foot.
Craig Reding 6
Its sad with so many people starving that anyone would think that God would want a minister to buy a jet. Its hard to believe that a minister would think he could do Gods work best by zipping from place to place 40000 feet over someones head instead of being on the ground walking with those in need.

The saddest part of this is that so much of religion is centered around money. God created everything that we need.

Money does not occur naturally, we created the concept of money to make it easier to exchange for things we need. I think we should go back to bartering with chickens, That way if the congregation really really wants that minister to get a jet then they will make sure that they are several billion chickens available. it would probably take a while to get that many chickens and priorities might change when some hungry children showed up....

Just my opinion
Faster Gun 3
"We're in the show bizness"
After a career flying at a major airline, I often wondered who I was carrying in back. Now I find out that it was demons...
Copeland's airport is very close to the airport where I hangar. Appearently God doesn't want anyone but Kenneth to use the airport, and heaven forbid trying to do a touch and go there...

[This poster has been suspended.]

Mike Mohle 3
He was talking about us, the "great unwashed".
ajagostini 5
Jesus told me the other day that he wanted my Malibu to be a Jetprop instead...said something like when he did the water and wine thing. Anyway, I'm going to tell the folks at Rocket that's the deal and that they can give the bill to the Reverend.
Man, if only I could conjure up a BS story this good to get people to buy me an airplane. Funny how God 'gives' some schizophrenic people that can 'hear him talk' G650s while others get homelessnes. Copeland and Duplantis can be added to Dollar, Falwel, Robertson and many others in the corruption and power that is religion.
Thomas Soch 1
So what your saying is what your doing now is not working right?
The "long cylinder full of demons" cracks me up!!!
P T Barnum was right! I'm not sure if these guys are the suckers or the suckees.
frank koester 3
Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, defending their private jets is like the pot and the kettle
bdarnell 3
Jesus spent His life trying to separate you from the devil. These two, and their ilk, want to separate you from your money.
Cheyman75 2
You hear they are talking with God and representing God to the world. It is no wonder you have issues with what they say because you automaticly bring your view of God and template that value onto them. They have a different experience than you do. Jesus was not poor for his time. Poor people do not need a treasurer. Jesus had one. Jesus traveled according to the norms of the times. The only reason you think they should travel like Jesus is because you think the story of Jesus ended in the 1st Century. These men are engaging the culture within cultural norms. I bet each one of you have more than 90% of the rest of the world. No one is blaming you for the worlds poverty. Lets not be hasty to think we know THEIR story. This video is a narrow window to their world told by offended people. Do not get caught up in Hate.
Pamela Ruths 2
This is an example of the bunk that FALSE TEACHERS put out. They live in a wealthy, follower-abusing world of their own,(Copeland brags on being a billionaire on You tube) and out of touch with those they say they are trying to reach. Touching their bank accounts is number one. If they couldn't live lavishly, this "job" wouldn't appeal to them. The Bible clearly says you can't serve both God and wealth. Jesus did not live in a multi-billion dollar estate like all or most of these jokers do. What a scourge on the real church Jesus founded.
Bryan McKee 1
Hahaha I'm sorry I cant stop laughing!!!!!
lynx318 1
As a non believer in any religion (my interpretation "SUPERSTITION") my take on these guys is Slick-mouthed Snake-oil charmers & they should be stripped of all their ill gotten wealth, so it can be given all to charity.
Jim Quinn 1
Far removed from reality....
Oh my God. No sad pum intended :(
Bobby Brunz 1
Despicable scum profiting from fear & ignorance. Shame on them all.
Mike Mohle 1
Churches should be paying taxes, plain and simple. Money changes hands, therefore it is a business. If churches can dictate political speech and the Pope can tell us that [Manmade] "Climate Change" (aka Global Warming) is real and "settled science" and we are evil for living the way we do, that is way beyond what churches should be doing.
I've always pondered that and for a legitimate institution, not a false church, I don't have much of a problem with no taxes being paid. A church is not [supposed to be] a profit-driven entity and as such there is no money being made, only contributed. My church has 1/3 of its budget geared toward missions, meaning it gives away 1/3 of all the money it receives. That is one reason I believe in my church and have never left for another. There are some churches out there that seem to be lavish and opulent, but I think the majority of legitimate churches operate as they should and justify their tax-free status.
The barometer or measuring stick, is Billy Graham. He is truly a man 'after God's heart.' I've never heard how he got from one place to another, but I'm pretty sure he never used a multi-million dollar private jet. He always conducted his ministry with humility and put God first. He even hired an accounting firm when he got started to audit the books and keep track of his finances so there could be allegations or possibility of corruption, mis-spending, or waste. Power corrupts, and the love of money and the power that comes from it can corrupt even good men if they're not careful. I think Billy Graham would not approve of the lavish lifestyle and spending of some of the high-profile evangelists and preachers. It's apparent who they're putting first. As Matt. 7:20 says, ""So then, you will know them by their fruits." And I can convince myself of anything I hear in my thoughts if I dwell on it long enough or I want to hear it bad enough. God does talk to us in our thoughts, but a man can also be fooled by his own thoughts and actions. I think some of these preachers need to start to flying coach or buy a bus.
Mark Callaway 4
Actually Graham has his own airport ( runway at least ) right beside I-40 east of Asheville .It wasn't far from Black Mountain He did live in his original house in Montreat .
rickythepilot 3
Well, his son believes in private jets. Franklin is a pilot and I saw him fly his own Mitsubishi MU-2 for many years while I worked lineservice at some South Florida FBO's.
MU-2 is nice and practical, no fault there, but a Gulfstream G650?
mrvair 1
Amen, Brother...
I used to like Kenneth Copeland----but I'm not going to be STUPID ENOUGH to give this guy any money, just so he can have a new aircraft!!!!!
honza nl 1
people who talk to a God are religious, people who pretend hear him talking need to go to see a psychiatric specialist
gdbenn 1
If Copeland and Duplantis are out of line with God then I'm guessing God can shut them down on His own...if Copeland and Duplantis are doing what they are supposed to be doing then it might be best to be a silent fool than an obvious one. Copeland has been a preacher for about 50 years and Duplantis close to 40...if they were misrepresenting God I'm guessing He would have handled it by now. Check the works that they do...they are fruitful.
What a absolute ball sack.
Chris Lennard 4
My scrotum feels very insulted by your comparison.
Thomas Soch 1
Anyone who is at this level of influence "in any industry" would greatly benefit and more effectively reach there audience with the tool of a jet. Quit being so jealous. One of the best things anyone can do mind there own business. Most of the nay sayers in this thread wouldn't know how to conduct themselves properly if they had a jet.
James Carlson 1
We need to get a collection together to buy these guys tickets on the B Ark.
babyracer 1
B Ark?
babyracer 2
Crap!! Never mind, it just clicked right as I hit 'post my comment' lol

Pamela Ruths 0
I meant to say "multi-million", not "billion". Copeland made me have billions on my mind! Gee, why was that? May as well be billions (spent on homes) as in God's eyes, worshiping money is idolatry, no matter the amount.
Whether these guys are in a Citation or on horseback, the crux of the matter is they spread a perverted gospel around the world, and a bogus faith in the spoken word. The jet just lets them do it faster. Not for us to worry about here, Jesus will take care of the matter later. Just make sure you are in the right with Him first....true of most of America but especially our group, we would all love to have those jets......they are just tools.......have a blessed day.....
This isn't a cheap Citation or a MU-2 he wants a G650!
Thomas Soch 1
Heaven will be paved with Streets of solid gold and have gates of solid pearls. Would you be comfortable living that way?
And they wonder why organized religion is in decline. No longer about the mission, it's just self interest like everyone else. Like Al Gore telling us to reduce our carbon footprint while flying in his personal jet. All morons and greedy ones at that.
babyracer -1
B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T-!-! No matter what shine they to put on that it will always be absolute bullshit.
Jim Heslop 0 BELIEVE! And you can reach right down into your pockets and GIVE me your money!
To me this is the biggest crock of horseshit!
I do have faith, but it sure as hell aint following these baboons.
Are people today still sucked in by these false prophets who are using the Lord for their own gain?

This is the WORST topic ever posted on this site! I had to check the date to see if it was April Fools!
Thomas Soch 1
Nature just as in business weeds out the weak and inauthentic on its own.
ADXbear -4
Come on Flight Aware..... aren't you supposed to do some editing, how is this aviation related.?
Cary Wiltz 4
Watch the video and you'll see how.


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