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Qantas to keep 747 fleet at 11, reports record first half profit

Qantas plans to maintain its Boeing 747-400/400ER fleet at 11 aircraft for the period ahead to take advantage of the growing demand for international air travel and lower fuel prices, as the airline group reported a record profit in the first half of 2015/16. Statutory Net profit after tax for the six months to December 31 2015 was $688 million, a more than three-fold improvement from the $203 million in the prior corresponding half. Qantas said in a statement accompanying its financial results… ( 更多...

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Nice to see the Australian carrier keep the B747'S The Queen of the skies not many left
parisram007 2
I wonder how Qantas really got this far. I know some are to do with high profile people who pour millions into Qantas as share holders. This is why Allan Joyce looks happy
I suppose alot is to do with restructuring the air routes within Asia and America to compete with many carries
jeff slack 1
You are joking right?

High profile people pouring millions in?
Got this far?

One of thee oldest and thee safest airlines in the world? Got this far?

You are definitely kidding.


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