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(Video) JetBlue gear-up (nosewheel) landing at Nassau

"JBU29 which departed from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA) experienced landing gear extension issues on approach to Nassau Intl Airport.This involved a flyby and circling for several minutes for extra fuel burn in preparation for the landing. The landing itself couldnt be any better." ( 更多...

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mht9876 4
The flight crew did a nice job "landing" the airplane but I'm surprised they decided to land in Nassau. Considering how close they where to Miami I would have thought they would have diverted there. Miami would have better emergency services and would also have considerably better maintenance support to repair the aircraft. It would be pretty expensive to transport maintenance staff and equipment to Nassau to repair the aircraft.
spatr 3
Nassau has a long runway, good CFR, and it was close. The wx on the east coast of FL was building up. As for cost, the FAA doesn't care about that in the investigation. They've already got the plane upright and it will be ferried soon.

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jbqwik 0
You nailed it
That took a portion of the CEO's bonus...
Ronnie B. 2
I remember a similar Jet Blue incident about ten years ago at LAX.
They brought that one in smoothly also


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