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Should the Government Turn Down the Airport Volume

NEW YORK—On bad days, Cecil­ia Cody is awake some­time between 5:30 and 6 a.m., when the roar of the first air­plane jolts her out of bed. As the day goes on, the flights can soar over her home in the Bay­side neigh­bor­hood of Queens every couple of minutes, so loud that they drown out the TV even when her win­dows are shut. ( More...

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ffrcobra1 7
The planes from 20, 30 or 40 years ago were much, much louder. And I bet the houses were there at that time, too. It's been the same thing for 50 years......move next to the airport, then cry about the noise and "health" issues and tell the airport to get lost.
ToddBaldwin3 4
The noise doesn't bother me so much. My house in Texas is right under the flight path for DFW. I grew up on Air Force bases (B-52s and F-4s are very efficient at converting JP-4 into noise), so it's almost a comforting sound. The silence when DFW is not operating (a very rare event) is almost deafening.
Roy Hunte 1
Some people like to complain about everything.... if they moved away, they would probably complain their bedroom is too small, move them again, the freeway is too loud, move them again its too quiet. I'd tell them, 'Go live in a padded cell, a large one, with your TV and bed and let aviation enthusiasts and workers get on with life'.
Roy Hunte 1
"It’s also left com­munit­ies near ma­jor air­ports des­per­ate for re­lief as roar­ing planes star­ted fly­ing lower in pre­cise pat­terns over their houses" The key term here is communities near airports. Why would you move to or live in one of these communities if you don't want to hear plane noise?? I believe with the exception of KDEN and KECP, if you live near a "major" airport, chances are pretty good that you moved there and that the airport was there first.
canuck44 4
The FAA stated that 65% of the complaints at RSW came from the same individual on Fort Myers Beach, well away from the airport and most of the approach to 06. We are closer than the chronic complainer and it bothers none here although the 0600 takeoff runs are our backup alarm. Whoever this guy is, he must have a zero tolerance for anything greater than his car which unfortunately has not found the nearest entrance to I-75 and returned him to New York where he can have peace and quiet.
David Barnes 2
Hey now, I75 runs through Atlanta. With a little bad luck, he'll detour off here and find ATL to complain about!
canuck44 2
Maybe he could just phone them in from his car on the way by or send him off to the I-285 East.

Seriously though it probably would have been cheaper to buy him out and send him off somewhere else without an airport...but then he would finds something else to whine about.
bentwing60 1
Loral Thomas 2
I wonder if these habitual complainers are non-flyers. I mean they don't even fly commercial - never been on an airplane - maybe never leave to go on vacation or visit relatives far, far away. They don't use the service so they feel its not necessary.
30west 4
"non-flyers"... you're scaring me now using that term, I hope you aren't a clone in the making! ;-) Just kidding.

(Frequent visitors to FA should understand my comment)
canuck44 3
That was cruel...surely you could have used a smaller knife to twist. LOL
linbb -4
Guess now this is a place to post something like this of no value to the site.
ToddBaldwin3 6
I wouldn't call it of no value. It's important to know what is going on in the world that might affect aviation. Knowing what kind of challenges might be facing us gives us a chance to prepare for them, or to head them off before they become a problem.

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bentwing60 4
Dear Mr. Hartmann lawyer, since few of the regulars on this site are unaware of your feelings toward the "non-flyer" poster, if you'd lose the third sentence "attitude" maybe the 2% on the site who know what "radar power" means, won't scroll for the downvote apple immediately upon your name recognition. They won't let us get rid of you, so perhaps you might learn to tolerate those who don't reach your lofty ideals for a "true aviator". I'm sure your logbook would make little more than a good "ink blot" in one of the logbooks of the elder ATP's you seem to demonize as well. Cheers.

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