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The U.S. Might Expand the Laptop Ban to Flights From 71 Airports

Though an expansion could be avoided if countries agree to improved security procedures. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told a House of Representatives panel. "We're also looking at ways that we think we can mitigate the threat" without expanding the ban. ( 更多...

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joel wiley 4
A terrorist 'win' is when the target population alters its behavior due to the terrorist action. We won't mention TSA in this context.

Let X represent to probability of a terrorist getting aboard an aircraft with a laptop bomb.
Let A represent the probability of a laptop Li-ion battery experiencing a thermal runaway.
Let S represent the number of passengers with laptops on a flight.
Let H represent the number of flights affected my a laptop ban.

IF SA > X the n a burning laptop is more likely than a terrorist for a given flight.

If S laptops are inaccessible in the cargo bay the runaway event may be equivalent to the terrorist bomb.

The terrorist doesn't have to fly when the Security agency forces a greater risk on the industry.
And if HSA > X there another terrorist 'win'.
dbkoob 1
i think its A really all these battery explosions have been from normal people's products. Now, do I know why there has been an increase no, you have to ask a technology expert.
dbkoob 1
Read it yes i agree more regulation law in lithium-ion batteries must be passed. But then still you still have an issue if a person uses a knockoff brand or phone from another country or the black market.
matt jensen 1
First it was the shoes, then the cell phones, next the pads and laptops. How are we supposed to work in the cabin? All those people in private planes don't have those worries and I don't see them blowing up or falling out of the sky.

Yup the wackos have won.
dbkoob 1
I can understand it may have to do with liability. Private planes the liability is yours on public airlines the liability is the airlines.


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