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United Airlines jet lands safely with four blown tires

United Airlines jet lands safely with four blown tires ( 更多...

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I worked on the Ramp for a long time. I notified Pilot that wire's were protruding thru the rubber. This happened Day in and Day out on the same Aircraft.This was on the 700/200-300 aircraft flown bu Useless Air
Leon Kay 3
I suppose they were tired, that is why the tyres blew!
What would cause 4 tires to all fail at same time
rfinsl1 4
Runway fod, seen that before. The key piece ro the story that's missing is detail. Was the damage to the tires centralized to one gear leg?
Sopps 1
toolguy105 4
Runway FOD it is what brought down the Concord out od CDG. Probable cause the plane ahead of them had an engine failure or blew a tire or something fell of the plane a head such as a metal strip as happened with the Concord.
Sopps 1
Bad design is what brought down the Concord.
Some kind of mechanical issue. I've seen a lot of blown tires when aircraft land with antiskid issues.
toolguy105 1
This is a 777-200 with 12 tires. Blowing 4 on two different bogies not the biggest problem for the pilots to deal with. They do have to watch the weight of the plane on landing as it will be much lower than a normal landing.

I question why they made the trans-Atlantic flight knowing they had 4 blown tires. For one thing the gear generally does not go into the wheel Well properly when you have a blown tire. For another the pilots are more fatigued after a long flight. IN general the procedure would be to dump fuel and return to the place of origin. Will be interesting to read what the NTSB and FAA have to say about this.

Level of danger to passengers on scale of one to ten with 10 being the highest level. I give it a 3 but only because I believe the pilots might be a bit fatigued after 8 or 9 hours of flying. Had they dumped fuel and landed back at point of origin I would have given it a 1.
captleo 1
Have you ever hear about stand by PILOT for long flight?
Yes, flights over 8 hours have a relief pilot. Over 12 hours, two relief pilots. Over 16 hours two Captains and First Officers
I give it a 1 overall. According to the news snipit, it didn't specify where they blew. If it happened on takeoff, then why not continue if it's safe, i.e. No leaking fluids rather than dump fuel. It lowers gross weight for landing and gets people where they need to go. If it was just a puncture the crew might not have known until later in the flight. As far as the time, it's only 8 hours at the most to EWR from Germany. Not that long and there's 3 pilots in the cockpit.


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