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The boss of Emirates threatens Americans to cancel the 76 billion dollars contract with Boeing

Dubai - The leading American airline operators, Delta, American, and United are demanding restraints for the operations of Gulf carriers in the US soil. But the Emirates boss Tim Clark reminds the US government the contract of his company with Boeing that worths billions. ( 更多...

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Nigel Worrall 9
Money doesn't sing or dance, but it sure talks in our capitalistic society and it always will.
scott8733 6
I tend to concur. Sir Tim can always turn off the valve on the triple 7's and replace with A350's. Relatively same head count. Moreover, he knows the malleable disposition of our federal politicians. They'll always selfishly migrate to where the votes are at.
Cansojr -6
Emirates and Eithad can cancel their orders to spite themselves. The 777 is one of Boeing's finest products with a full order book. If this individual thinks he can upstage Boeing. He has a very nasty reality check coming at him in the next couple of weeks. What if all manufacturers started a NO BUILD LIST with you know who on it by all the major aircraft manufacturers. Maybe he should think of downsizing a bit to Cessna Caravans. And you are right and you have a isn't everything.
Jon Herd 2
You are dreaming.

Airbus are already salivating.
Cansojr -5
You are talking through your hat.
paul gilpin 1
What if all carriers started a NO BUY LIST with you know who on it.

Highflyer1950 8
How soon he forgets that he was instrumental in having the Canadian Military banished from using Mirage airbase in the UAE because they wouldn’t let him fly “willy nilly” wherever and whenever he wanted in Canada. Maybe the US should kick him out of the USA for a couple of years then he could add more frequency to his new route to Doha from Dubai with the excess A380’s?
Cansojr -4
You are absolutely right. Tell the gentleman who owns Dubai. Canada should grow a pair and tell that camel breeder to go pound sand. We Don't use that Xxxxx
country anymore. If enough of us said NO MORE BULLYING because you are more obnoxious and have a gazillion dollars, and stop pushing people around.If you want to hurt him just say NO you have no clearance through the North American ADIZ. You can land one a week in America and once a week to Canada. Say NO to EMIRATES. Support your favorite National Carrier.
babyracer 3
Oh the irony in that entire comment.
Andre Amaral 1
Problem is that all “national carriers”, be it in Canada or in the US, which ever one you choose, are all crap. None of them can even start comparing themselves with a major asian airline like Singapore, Korean, Cathay, Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, etc. Those are the ones that show customers how flying should be done, and how they should feel about it. So, sorry, but anyone who enjoys travelling with a minimum of quality should say YES to Emirates. I would choose it over ANY north american airline every single time possible.
Highflyer1950 7
Maybe the US Government should remind tha little, spoilled UAE country that it cannot dictate with its wallet size!
Cansojr 2
babyracer 1
HAH!! Funny how the tables have turned, eh?
sstuff -1
Ron Nash 3
If money talks, Qatar has enough money from pumping huge volumes of natural gas from the worlds biggest gas reserves, to shout down anyone.
Qatar Airlines is floating on that gas money, and will continue to do so, for a long time yet.
Al Baker is one of the most ruthless businessmen around, and he will let nothing stand in the way of Qatar becoming the worlds biggest airline - and he has the money in his Scrooge McDuck-size money bin, to do it.
If you want to get up Al Bakers nose, and feel his fury, and watch his moves to redirect the squillions he can control, try and bring in some restrictions on the expansion of Qatar Airways.
In the future, Qatar will be buying Chinese-built commercial jets, the first time they prove their airworthiness - and using the Chinese jets as a lever to get even more concessions from America and Europe.
The "superior quality" of Boeing products is in serious danger of being relegated to a Cadillac class, while the Chinese start to supply the equivalent of Chevys, in airliners - at prices Boeing will struggle to compete with.
A few more people in senior management in Boeing, and America in general, need to study Al Baker and his business approach, at length, to gain better insight into how to keep this ruthless Middle Eastern businessman under rein, without losing the largesse of his massive spending ability.
Matha Goram 2
Too bad that "Al" cannot secure international overflight rights to the extent that he has had to drop routes. Of course, I agree with your "Hecho en Chine" observation about trends except for commercial airlines. Some of the material facts are mind-boggling (e.e. number of bullet trains in the country) but copy-catting a 737 is a long way off from being a viable commercial entity.
Ruth Rowe -1
Thanks for the info
paul gilpin -3
Uh, for the record, engineers do not design planes at Boring. Lawyers do. What this guy is doing is nothing different from what Boring does, day in day out.
Is it because the big three are finding it hard to compete with Emirates? Most likely, so that tells me they need to clean up their acts and get back to being ‘service’ airlines and not just a flying cattle car!
Ant Miraa 1
Emirates and etihad im sure is gov funded. That is why they can afford so much
Sure. The best airlines 50 billion can buy...
John Timms 2
Re-Elect Trump
Cansojr 1
I am out. I have never seen so many self-serving sphincters say so many dull and idiotic things. Most of you clowns have never flown. If you do it's under 12,500lbs.
Try much much larger then talk with me respectfully. GOOD LUCK. TTFN.
matt jensen 1
"Delta accuses state-owned airline operators Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways of 50 billion dollars anti-competitive subsidies by the owner states over the past decade."

Delta just lost a $4M tax break on jet fuel purchased in Georgia because of their politics. So, it's better to not tip the boat.
Cansojr 3
Emirates really has one boss. That's the Emir and he is arrogant when it comes to making unreasonable demands from other parties. Canada and the United States have to work within their alliances. We can "Slam the Door in the Emir's Face". We must improve our prices and provide much better service quality than Emirates and have a each airline contribute to a huge 2 month sale on the high quality business class and upgrades to business or First Class with full access by the Star Alliance, SkyTeam and One World members. We don't have to "kow tow" to this camel breeder. He is persona non grata in Canada because he's a pxxxx. We have to target his routes and get his clientele to leave Emirates. If you really want to do it, do it so we can put his lights out. He can't feed a fleet of 380's fuel if he is losing business clients. There is so much crap in those aircraft.
He has tried to create a 5 star image like a hotel suite. His business model is the hotel business. A dear friend of mine is a diplomat stationed somewhere in the Middle East. You know what pilots do in their gated communities away protecting the poor Muslims from our satanic society. You play ping-pong, bridge, and waterskiing and watch the partisan reporting by Al Jazeera, The Terrorist News Service. It will literally will make you sick because the media encourages people to jihad and mass murder. Both of these Canadian guys left after a 2-3 year contract. They just could not deal with all that crap that goes on in a society stuck in the 7th century. Also remember Dubai was the clearing house for Pakistani and Iranian nuclear weapons programs. (I sincerely apologize for the length)
matt jensen 3
Over there, no matter what the ceo does or says matters, unless cleared by the Emir or King.
Cansojr -5
One thing that I forgot to mention. All Emirates and Eithad business and first class must be banned from all Star Alliance, SkyTeam and OneWorld lounges globally. Also Transatlantic track release could be painfully withheld to screw-up timetables across the Atlantic, Pacific and Southwest Asia. When his royal mucky-muck realizes we can and will hurt him until he agrees to our unconditional plan for his place in an enormously large industry. However, there will be no negotiation on our principles of fairness and honesty. He will talk compliantly or there will never be a deal and run him out of business. You can't fly if you can't land anywhere.
matt jensen 3
Correction $40M
Mike Boote -2
Uhh - no they didn't. The reverse just happened. The Lt. Gov. said he would sabotage any tax benefit to Delta because of his allegiance to the NRA. Stay tuned.
Mike Boote 0
Sorry Matt - I mis-read your comment. Shucks!
Will not need any planes Boeing or Airbus if he has nowhere to k=land them
Rob Marcotte 1
Don’t forget we also have military bases in Qatar. They could be shut down in no time. The Saudis did it during the second Gulf War and Qatar opened the doors for us. We don’t have many friends in that part of the world. Maybe we can reach a compromise without hurting the flying public.
Matha Goram 2
Slightly, off-topic here except to suggest that one needs to diminish the need for the neo-ME hubs. After all, these hubs (and Dubai will soon have TWO) grew strategically owing to poor performance and service by American and European airlines. Asian passengers (on trans-Atlantic flights) did not want to stop in Europe and European airlines (except for a notable one or two) persisted with poor schedule/service. Also, the 787 and 750 have changed the game. The new strategy with the LR models could overfly the ME hubs. Why does one traveling from England to Australia have to stop in one of the ME hubs? Yet I am constantly amazed at the folks who want a layover in Dubai.
global -1
You guys ever hear of competition? Unless you're a share holder in Delta, United, etc.. why do you care? Competition is good for the consumer (YOU!). So go ahead and no longer allow Emirates, Qatar to come to the US--where does that get you-- higher fares, less frequency, and so on. Stop for a second and think about what you're really complaining about and how it effects you.
Highflyer1950 4
Bi-lateral agreements work until they don’t!
global, competition requires a level playing field. Have you not thought it odd that the Mid East carriers (ME3) ordered many hundreds of wide body aircraft with no supporting route network including a fleet of what, 150 A380’s? NO existing network! No supporting balance sheet? Do you have any idea what kind of money we’re talking about? It’s like Howard Johnson’s buying Marriott! Where does the money come from? The carriers you disparage run a business that requires capital expenditures be paid from ongoing operations that squeeze every bit of revenue from the space available (cabin). Isn’t it odd that that only ME3 carriers can seem to afford ... piano bars and showers on their aircraft? Think of the weight and space in the cabin these things represent! That’s all lost revenue and efficiency. Did you see Singapore has already parked at least one of their A380’s? So don’t ask me about competition or the lack thereof because they have heard, loud and clear. They are the ones who actually have to make a profit to stay in business as apposed to those who get their bankroll against the treaties negotiated and then claim they are doing this all on their own. ‘Competition’ includes the risk of failure for business decisions and choices, ME3 is obviously playing quite a different game.
Ant Miraa 1
Correct. Oil money from their gov fuels them
Cansojr -3
It is far from competition when the life of our Defence Minister was returning from Afghanistan and this XXXX denied a RCAF 130 to land and they were in a critical fuel state. They landed somewhere else and we told the Emir to xXxX
himself. We are not given to supporting goons with a monopoly on sand and camels!
Ruth Rowe 0
Sounds like blackmail?
sstuff 0
Question? Statement? Both? Neither?
ian mcdonell 0
Correct Sir - money talks Bulls* walks
Cansojr -3
Money talks but only according to that camel breeder. He thinks he pulls all the strings. FOR PETE'S SAKE THIS GUY WANTS AN OLIGOPOLY. We have to shut him down or it will only get worse because he believes that his bombastic attitude to aviation will always serve him. We must immediately disabuse him of the notion that he controls the market. If we let him do this or all routes are at severe risk. As far as getting new destinations he must have read "Mein Kampf." We must eliminate his plans with extreme predjudice. Beat this SOB (silly old boy) at his own sleazy games and blackmail. Keep in mind Arabic culture (sic) does not tolerate loss or negotions, they always have to be the winners like a 5 year old child who throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his own way.
ian mcdonell -6
Blah blah blah
john hicks 2
Thanks for your time !
Cansojr -2
It is blackmail of the form in the Persian Gulf by savages who have been chopping each other's heads off for a 1000 years. They have ZERO technology unless they cheat you first then buy it. All of us have to wake the xXxX up and deal with sand magnate.
Don't say oil, we have more than those beggars sell.
gerardo godoy -5
They got Boeing by the balls!!!! as well as the US Gov.!!!
Randy Michel 0
They do not have Boeing totally by the balls. Boeing still supports their Apache Longbow and C-17 programs, and Raytheon manufactures and supports most if not all of their defense armament. Lockheed Martin supports their F-16 program. The US Government has its own leverage to counter with.


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