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Delta Flight into Raleigh has rough time finding the ground in high winds.

High winds in Raleigh made for some tricky landing for pilots. ( More...

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SFOBro 0
I often wonder what people think we're looking to see in video. You'd imagine that in today's world, everybody could take at least decent video. It's amazing how that's not the case. Basically the part that we wanted to see was ........... Almost looked fake up until the wonderful building coverage!
Randy Shereda 3
GREAT Landing ... still on its wheels and everybody walked out!
El Kabong 2
Nice wing strike. Did that look like a 2.1G 'hard landing', forcing a maintenance check?
sparkie624 3
it was not a wing strike... Close but no cigar! FDR was read, Visual inspection shows no damage (Not even a scratch)
SFOBro 1
LOL, the name El Kabong. Oh my am I on the Wayback Machine! Awesome!
sparkie624 1
I am sure it would have been. On the CRJ even in a normal landing if the plane bounces that is an automatic inspection of some kind, and definitely requires the FDR to be downloaded.
kc12345 2
Wow! Got it down though!
joel wiley 4
* Professional driver on restricted course. Don't try this at home.
superliner 2
Yeah, it's a rough landing, no doubt about it. You don't have to be a pilot to know that when the main gear slams the runway hard and bounces back up several feet before settling back down is going to feel pretty rough in the cabin. Still, kudos to the pilot flying, looks like there was some decent windshear on short final, especially during the flare.
Bryan Jensen 1
Looked like wind shear caused it to drop in right at the end causing the hard landing and bounce.
bwhite1234 2
"...has trouble finding the ground..." Click bait journalism at its finest.
waldo kitty 1
can someone please post the link to the actual video? we can't see it on the news site with all of its off-site links. we can't even see the video player... thanks!
ron baird 1
Looks like some landings on the mesa at Sedona, Arizona
sparkie624 1
OMG... I used to non-rev on Mesa from KMEM to KCLT and those guys were carrier pilots... The only way I knew one guy didn't loose the gear on landing was because he wasn't using that much power to taxi!
mark gerrard 1
Don't see anything scary about that compared to some in the UK this week
SFOBro 1
Ahhhhh, Manchester. The overall #1 best bit of asphalt to watch air cars try and drop upon!!!
mike costanzo 1
Thanks For Dropping In.........

Next time they should try carrying a little more airspeed.
Bryan Jensen 1
Yes that could have helped in that shear.
We have a winner!
rwtimmons 1
Can't carry too much airspeed and stay within ops specs. Generally they are allowed 10-20 knots over Vref speed but are still supposed to bleed off to Vref, or a little less, at touchdown. They may have had extra speed and the wind dropped off just prior to touchdown. That days conditions were very dynamic.
Sam Hernandez 1
"...[A]part of the plane appeared to hit the runway during the rough landing."

- I thought that all aircraft were supposed to make contact with the runway during landing, or by definition it's not a landing. Otherwise, wouldn't you still in the air?
Look at the left wingtip.
sparkie624 3
Not a wing tip strike... One of the birds I care for!
Sam Hernandez 1
Yeah, I saw that. Just thought the journalist's choice of words, being someone who makes their livelihood with them, was not very good.
WhiteKnight77 1
Do you honestly believe that journalists will use the proper words in describing anything, especially aviation? They want to sensationalize everything, even when it does not warrant such.
Dave Fisher 1
great POV! (for anyone who can see thru a wall)
Really earned his $10 an hour
30west 3
You forgot to add in the $40,000-$50,000 signing bonus for new hires at many U.S. Regionals.
I'd say it was worth it!
Alan Borne 1
I'll take your word for it since the actual landing is obscured.
sparkie624 1
Wish I knew the Tail Number... Looks like one of the ones I take care of? If one of ours, even though a bounce, no damage was done...
MSReed 1
Any landing you walk away from is a good landing.
jhayes66 -1
Delta doesn't fly the CRJ
sparkie624 4
I hate to disagree with you... The most certainly do... Endeavor who I used to work for is wholy owned by Delta and they fly A LOT of 900's, Go Jet also flies the 900's and flies into RDU on a regular basis as they have maintenance there. Gojet flies CRJ700 & 900's. 900's are all Delta!
Bryce Johnson 3
Tell that to all the pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, dispatchers, schedulers that work for those companies...theyre getting shorted on their paychecks!
sparkie624 1
Did you mean to reply to someone else, I am sorry, I do not follow you comment in relation ship to my comment. I happen to work in the Gojet SOC and I do not see any Dispatcher, Scheduler or anyone getting shorted on their paychecks... GoJet is not the highest paying regional, but they do not short their employees either! - Getting my to my topic, what does your comment have to do with my statement that delta flies CRJ 799 & 900's?
SFOBro 1
sparkie624, take it easy bro. It was sarcastic humor playing upon the initial post in the thread. See, they're all working, but apparently the niche doesn't exist, so they're working for nothing.
paul gilpin 0
this guy does wedding videos part time.
i've been on approaches like that in tulsa.
if that is an md-80, mr. douglas knew how to build 'em. nothing new here.
Bob Poberezny 1
Us pilots who learned to fly in Tulsa don't find that one to be unusual. ;-)
heiligenwho 0
Looking at CRJ900 into rdu on 2-mar during daylight and delta livery is bna to rdu @ 06:02 dep.
tough to to figure out the tail number on fa though. N814SK? Looks like a toga. With all of the cancellations, hard to tell what aircraft got swapped out. No reports on ASN, even though the left wing seems to have clearly scraped.
sparkie624 2
It was N182GJ - I have seen the paperwork!
heiligenwho 1
JenOscroft -1
Omg I gasped! Scary landine!
JenOscroft 1
It's not a CRJ, it's an MD90 landing firm after a stabilized Approach in windy condicions. No windshear visible on the flare.
And nothing to congratulate for a Job done as contracted.
30west 5
Carl-Otto, I think you need to re-take the "Aircraft Recognition Class". ;-)
SFOBro 1
LOL, yeah, you're right.
It's a CRJ-900. Go Jet I believe.
sparkie624 1
Yes, I think it is... I will find out when I get back to work, but I have not seen any emails on it yet!
sparkie624 1
Note the winglets and the landing lights.... CRJ-900, MD90 has landing lights on the outer portion of the wings.
Who says this is a rough landing? All I can see is a totally normal landing at an Airport with some wind, nothing to worry about or even to talk about.
bartmiller 1
You're kidding right? On final, you can see in the video that there are large diversions in all three axes. You can clearly see the pilots working this landing.

So, obviously very gusty and unstable area. The hard landing could easily be the result of a gust. You can loose a lot of airspeed suddenly, and when it happens right before touchdown, it's difficult to respond. (A bit higher up, you can goose the power to soften the landing, or just go around.)
sparkie624 0
I guess you did not see the uncontrolled bounce!


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