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Southwest Airlines orders 40 Boeing 737 MAX jets worth $4.68 bln

U.S. carrier Southwest Airlines has ordered 40 Boeing Co 737 MAX jets worth $4.68 billion at list price to help modernise its fleet, the airline said, making it the planemaker’s largest global customer for the updated narrowbody. ( 更多...

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SmokedChops -5
c'mon, Boeing, what did you actually sell them for? Well below 'list' I am sure...but not too low that it would be considered "dumping". What? can't quite hear you over the crickets.
That said, good for SWA for updating their fleet, they could use some good news right about now. I am sure this was in the works before the accident, but this probably helped validate the purchase plans.
john Gargiulo -2
I have no idea why people fly SWA, it always been a lousy ride since Air Cal, poor maintenance and bad seats, they must of got a discount after last weeks accident

Rich Kaminski -9
This may help restore some confidence in the future passengers. A newer 737 fleet with a totally different kind of jet engine is a step in the right direction for Southwest.


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