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Emirates Could Store 45 Planes In Coming Weeks Due To Pilot Shortage

Emirates is currently dealing with an issue in unprecedented numbers. Specifically, Emirates pilots are quitting to go work elsewhere. The airline has always had some level of turnover, but they’ve never had anything to this degree. Emirates’ president said that the airline is “a tad short on pilots,” which is perhaps the understatement of the year. ( More...

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Joao Ponces 13
Very simple: You don't want Pilots to go elsewhere, give them better conditions!
Dan Grelinger 1
What, like air conditioning? The current working conditions must be terrible.
dee9bee 8
From what I understand, flying for Emirates isn't exactly paradise. The article alluded to that to a degree. The 'joy' of flying an A380 will fade away sooner rather than later.
Airassociate 4
Emirates are too dam picky, they created their own shortage.
Sam Johnson 6
If I were only younger.
Same here, I would sign up in a heart beat.
Very simple: don’t treat any and every non-Emirati like a piece of shitty dirt, as you’re accustomed to do in Dubai (et al.) I had horrible experiences of utter rudeness perpetrated by those ruffians in white pajamas. DISGUSTING! Perhaps a little change in attitude from utter arrogance to social normalcy might help!
Sam Johnson 1
Jurgen, please give us a few eamples of what has made you feel this way. I have never been there so I do not know much about the country. Thank you, Sam
Cindy Savage -6
Wow, xenophobic much? Maybe you should control your own opinions first before you expect others to do the same
Dan Grelinger 2
Wow, how did you post that without being a hypocrite?
Randy Shereda 3
The shortage is worldwide, not just Emirates. I foresee (Disclaimer: My crystal ball ain't what it used to be) regulating agencies and airlines alike, lowering their minimum flight hours for hiring and type ratings.
Terry Burt 3
I have a friend who is a 380 skipper there, and he says a lot are leaving because of working conditions. Money is not everything when you don't have time to enjoy it. Flying 95hrs a month.
Oscar Stout -3
And the rest of the working world is doing 160 plus hours a month.
Cry Me A River.
Dan Grelinger 8
Time flying is not total time working. Multiply by 2 to get approximation for total time on duty. Might want to correct your post so that you don't come off as ignorant.
harm buning 1
At least...
It might be a better idea to have some idea of what you are talking about before you show your ignorance. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.
harm buning 2
Compared to flying 120 hrs a month (pt 125) in a non-autopilot Convair, sounds pretty good....
Oscar Stout 2
You guys are right. When the OP was mentioned his skipper pal complaining about 9t hrs flying I did not take into account the 100ish by your reckoning of "other duties." I only took into consideration that this equated to 8-10 missions in the A380 with maybe another 10-15? days on duty per month. For pay well above what some are making with much larger responsibility, effort, and sacrifice. As for work load whilst flying, I am certain monitoring the AC systems is taxing, hence the need for second pilot.
Perhaps workload should be decreased through automated relay to Ground Station? This would free up more of PIC cockpit time and very likely reduce pilot error as seems to be the primary cause of incident/accidents in this airframe.
Constructive discussion is welcome; name calling; well not so much.
Dan Grelinger 1
There was no name calling. If you are referring to my (and another posters) use of the term ignorant, would you prefer 'uninformed'? They mean the same thing. Neither is name calling.
poorich 3
Same thing happened in the late '70s w/ Saudia. Guys went there when the US airlines weren't hiring (I almost did) -- and got good logbook time on someone else's Riyal -- and then bailed as soon as their contract was over (some even earlier) and came flocking back to the Land of the Great PX for "MORE fun and profit" ... and "real" flying jobs w/out having to smuggle your bottle of "day's off" Scotch into Riyadh.

The more things change ... the more they stay the same.
Richard Wager 2
Applied to American and UAL years ago but was told I was a year too old.Beside that said they had too many pilots NOW bet I could have a job (too late) Boo Hoo
How far away are we from pilotless flight? You can bet the airlines are salivating over the money they could make by firing off their flight crews.
Who’s going to fly on it? Not me for some pretty obvious reasons.
glang3 2
Yes, I did hear that once you signed on with them, it was a full-time "permanent" position for the term of the employment contract. To the point that if you want to see your family, you would need to move them to where you are working. I think the Chinese contracts are more agreeable to commuter contracts. Just my understanding.
Not true. I daughter flies got erimates and they are required to go home for three weeks every year.
Typical in the Middle East treats you like any other Overseas Foreign (contract) Workers
Andy Bowland 1
They move you and your family to Dubai.

Some of the Chinese contracts have a commuting option 6 weeks on 2 weeks off, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off, etc.
Se não querem trabalhar na companinha,dê lugar para quem quer trabalhar.
Não há fumaça sem fogo... Antes de se envolver com eles é preciso saber porque os pilotos estão saindo da Emirates... Me parece muito os aviões a terra... Algo está acontecendo Na Emirates.
david taylor 1
Tens of thousands of people are denied the chance to fly commercially due to less than 20/20 "airline perfect" vision With today's technology in corrective vision via surgery or advanced contact lenses, etc. perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who would make excellent pilots could now do so. The shortage of pilots would disappear.
Not sure what you’re referring to. Class I physicals only require correction to 20/20...
Last year I was surprised to hear from a stewardess saying to a her mate:"I don't like to work on board of the A380. Twenty days later on my way back home she was still there.
Ken Hardy -1
Why are they quitting, bad management ? can't be money, Emirates has boat loads of money, I suspect its in part because Emirates has no in country military air force to draw pilots from so they have to use mercenary pilots that have no loyalty to the carrier and want a life somewhere that's more than a sand dune
Andy Bowland 7
Because max pay is around $10,000 a month plus a housing allowance of around $4,000.

In the US, take Delta--best estimate 3rd year pay to make that, factor in profit sharing and Defined Contribution 401(k) of 16%, closer to 2nd year is beating Emirates.

-Days off in your base (there days off during trips count as days off--7 is minimum)
-Not living in Dubai as a laborer
-Drastically better work rules
jim sink 1
There is a whole group of pilots working in a complete different world than what the typical United States pilot sees. These are the contract pilots that float around the world. It can be a very rewarding lifestyle for some. My guess is they are migrating to China for the pay and time off. An A320 Captain can earn a comparable UA 787 captain pay and in some instances more.
Andy Bowland 2
I recently got an offer for A320 PIC in China, it was insane--$300,000+ USD and they pay you taxes, so your take home is the $300,000+. It was a living in China contract.

From what I understand about China aviation, is that it is 1950's USA aviation/safety mentality, breathalyzers with a photo to verify it was you before you can enter operations, no duty limits, and the real gem--translators on the jumpseat so you can talk to your First Officer...oh and the translator doesn't speak "aviation".
jim sink 5
I currently work’s true.
You’re obviously not a pilot..


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