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VIDEO - Televangelist Jesse Duplantis Appeals for $50million private jet

American "televangelist" Jesse Duplantis reckons his followers should stump up another $50 million to buy him his 4th private jet. ( More...

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WeatherWise 16
Maybe he should get a tail number with a 666 in it because the only "bunch of demons" I see here are televangelists.
WeatherWise 4
Well, he HAD said that flying commercially with a "bunch of demons" was basically not on the table.
sparkie624 3
Agreed - If he flew commercially, that would give him much more one on one time with the sinners so that he could help save their soul...
And to think, I used to LIKE Kenneth Copeland. But after hearing what he had to say, NO way!!!!
The nerve of these scum suckers. Sadly there are enough brain washed followers out there that feel compelled to donate.
Willie Wonka 10
Reverend Duplantis your Falcon Chariot awaits your arrival! There is a large puddle of water in front of the stairs to the aircraft. Ground service wanted to move the aircraft but I told them "No Need!" I know you have been practicing walking on water!
James Simms 7
Throw in Joel Olsteen, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, & Keith Copeland (w/his own personal airport, yet). Wonder how many people on a severely limited income will donate money but who have medical needs such as treatments or required drugs, food, housing, or utilities they could help w/that amount? Too bad the the IRS can’t/won’t ream them out good & tear them all a new opening on their backsides.
Kenneth Copeland
Sam Johnson 6
If he really felt he was entitled to ask his congregation for the money to buy a $50 million jet why did he remove his video? That, in and of itself, proves to me he knew he has done nothing to justify a request like that. Just another freeloading televangelist.
chalet 4
Swindlers in the name of God, they make me sick in the stomach. You can not get any lower than this.
couldn't agree more. This guy makes me SICK!!!!😠😠😠😠
I had a vision last night that I needed an F-4 (any model) to fly at Airshows so that I can tell my congregation what real raw power used to be like. If you wish to donate please send your money to my hanger here in Dallas.

I will write you a tax-free slip that the IRS might not audit (if you are lucky.)
David Barnes 2
You forgot the mailing address.
chalet 1
Are the Tele-swindlers sending at least self addressed envelopes with proper postage.
chalet 3
There are several U.S. religious organizations flying modest DC-3s and Cessnas all over the world loaded with badly needed supplies and medicine to remote poor villages and some of the pilots are ministers themselves. The fools who send money to the jet-chariot bunch should consider supporting instead the real Christian evangelists.
golfbum971 3
And the video has been removed................
There is a special corner in HELL waiting for this guy and all of the other Televangelists that screw people. That corner is going to be fueled by Jet A-1. If they think they are going to see the Pearly Gates of Heaven, they have a surprise coming.

On the other hand, there are enough stupid people out there that just hand over their hard earned money to these idiots.

You know the saying, "Birds of a feather .........."
you know the old expression,"what would jesus do"???he certainly would not be trying to "bilk" millions of dollars from unsuspecting followers to buy a better donkey!!mr duplantis ,really???what was said to justify his request for funds was appalling,as were mr copelands remarks about airplanes being tubes filled with demons!as chalet said on this site, swindlers in the name of god...
joel wiley 3
What would Jesus do with a tube full of demons? Try to lead them to the Kingdom of Heaven.
What would Jesse do? Pass the hat for a Falcon 7X to lead the sheep to the shearing shed.
linbb 6
Just another preacher fleecing his flock like many do. Too bad there are that many sheep willing to line there pockets. And by the way many local preachers do quite well with all the gifts they get from there sheep.
ALL TV PREACHERS seem to feel GOD tells them they need all the wealth in the world!😠
sparkie624 0
There are a few exceptions.... Very Few.
Chris B 1
If I start a gofundme site for my own aircraft....will you help?

Markus Wolff 1
I don't know..."He wouldn't be riding a Donkey" If I could be Jesus pilot in the Falcon 7x that would be rad. We would just fly around and do miracles & feed people, that would be cool. But to be this douche bags pilot, "PASS" I bet you this guy is the biggest pain in the ass to work for. Fucking Delusional.
btweston 1
One born every minute. I wonder who his suckers voted for...
joel wiley 1
That phrase was coined in 1896 by one of P.T. Barnum's jealous and less-successful competitors to explain his success. Given the population increase since then, I suspect the rate is much greater.


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