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Close Call for Falcon with DEF-contaminated Fuel

Another mishap involving jet-A contaminated by diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) occurred on August 14 when a Fair Wind Air Charter-operated Dassault Falcon 900EX was forced to make an emergency return to Miami Opa-Locka Airport after suffering failure of two of its three engines. DEF, a urea-based solution that lowers nitrogen oxide pollutants in diesel exhaust, is not approved for use in jet fuel. When the two are accidentally mixed, crystals form, causing potentially catastrophic clogs throughout… ( 更多...

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Good job that Dassault fitted a third engine. This incident (and the comment "again" by the author) makes me appreciate how many time everything DOES work correctly.
The articles says ... Beringer believes that this mistake can happen again unless all airport service vehicles are exempted from any DEF-usage requirements. “That gets the fluid off airport properties and fixes it for good,” he told AIN. "The industry needs to petition, as a group with one voice, federal and state regulators to come up with a permanent fix to this risk."

Surely another answer would be that the (diesel) vehicle fueling operations are managed and physically seperated from aircraft fuelling operations - maybe have a diesel fuelling compound


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