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American Airlines Considers Ending Ticket Changes If Congress Limits Fees

American Airlines Group Inc. would consider barring passengers from changing nonrefundable tickets if Congress limits what carriers can charge for the adjustments, Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker said Tuesday. ( 更多...

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houseofgold 4
I think a boycott is in order. It costs next to nuthin to change a ticket, would make your head spin if annual income for just that. It’s a way to hold an anvil over ticket holders heads. As my dog says. Grrrrrrrrr
Vern Schulze 3
In a world with only American Airlines, this strategy might work. However, Delta, United, Southwest would love to see American try that. Fortunately, we still have choices and American would lose significant business if they charge for changing non-refundable tickets. Also somewhat disingenuous to say that once they sell all of the tickets for a flight they will lose the value of the ticket if someone cancels. In many cases that space is resold to a new passenger.
oh for the "good old days" ..guess i am showing my age but i remember the days when there were no change fees,tickets in coach were actually refundable, and basically there was only first class and coach,without all of the hundreds of restrictions and yxeq2 or ymew7 type fares,and of course the frequent flyer programs!what one airline does, the others also do...
joel wiley 1
And the 'friendly skies' were such for more than CEOs trying to make the quarterly benchmarks for their bonuses.
Remember when passengers sitting in the rear boarded the plane first? Efficiency eliminated by the marketing department.
s2v8377 3
Another great idea from Useless Airways management running AA!!! I guess whatever passenger they have left will have another reason to fly Delta or United.


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