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FAA Approves Longer CRJ Maintenance Intervals

The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency has approved the escalation of the maintenance intervals in the Bombardier CRJ700, CRJ900, and CRJ1000 to 800 flight hours for A Checks and 8,000 hours for C Checks, the Canadian manufacturer announced Monday. The changes extend the models’ line maintenance and heavy maintenance intervals for the second time since the launch of the CRJ700 in 1997, when specifications called for A Checks every 400 hours and C Checks every 4,500 hours. In 2011, the FAA increased… ( 更多...

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although I am sure the manufacturers and the regional carriers are happy with this,it gives a person pause when thinking about it,especially if the passenger flies on routes where these aircraft are used..
Jim Heslop 1
Ya, seems to me that maybe they are pushing the envelope to see where it finally comes unglued.

Perfect example: Alaska Airlines 261. But I think that maintainence over ride was internal penny pinching...sad to say.
paul gilpin 1
i know i will not see it, but in a couple of years, there will be a follow-up article to this posted. maybe not a follow-up. more like a related article.
sparkie624 0
Very Interesting and Surprising.


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