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In wake of noise complaints from Huntington Beach, JetBlue announces plans to retrofit jets to make them quieter

JetBlue announced this week that it plans to retrofit its entire Airbus fleet with noise-reducing vortex generators by 2021, marking a victory for Huntington Beach residents who say the airline’s jet noise has harmed their quality of life. ( More...

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panam1971 5
One can only imagine the uproar if it was 25 years ago and 727-200s and DC9-14s were still common.
Tim Duggan 2
B727-200 at KLGB? Nope. Not even at KSNA. I flew out of KSNA and we had to be very careful and reduce power flying was NOT a safe environment.
dee9bee 2
I remember when Hughes Airwest flew 727-200s out of SNA for a time, only as far as LAS or PHX, not sure. I loved it but my parents did not. The noise abatement power cutback was so severe that the FAA made them quit after less than a year.

I'm not familiar with the new flight patterns out of LGB but Huntington Beach isn't exactly right next to Long Beach. The NIMBYs won't be happy untii the airport is closed, period. The traffic on the '405 is probably louder.
Al Palmer 1
I remember Alaska flew 727-2s out of Long Beach way back when. The take off pattern took them over the Port of LA. People on the ground definitely took notice!

San Diego was a great airport for spotting them back in the 70s, 80s. Almost every airline had them. Take off took them low over the Navy Base. Quite a site!
Tim Duggan 12
Oh sorry probably like driving a short distance to KLGB instead of KLAX? For the (maybe) TWELVE flights per day on JetBlue? BUT? YOu don't live in El Segundo or Inglewood where hundreds of flights daily fly over.
carpetshoe 3
I hadn't heard of the vortex generators that are proposed for the A320/A321 fleet. Here is an interesting site:
Ric Wernicke 3
Aircraft operators and manufacturers should do everything possible to reduce the noise of their operations. Jet Blue is doing what should happen during manufacturing.

To be fair most of the complaints are from selfish self-absorbed rude little pigs that should be told to go home and relax. No one in Huntington Beach has been harmed by overhead aircraft.

The people in next door Newport Beach have had the flight path altered out of SNA to avoid the homes of the richest homeowners. In my view this has compromised safety. The majority of pilots can execute the S curve with complete safety. That leaves a few pilots that should not be making turns so close to the ground. I can tell you the noise in Newport has never been 10% of the noise that blanketed Burbank when a 72 left BUR. Those days in the late '60's would cause a pause in conversation.
Charles Adams 1
" the complaints are from selfish self-absorbed rude little pigs" + "No one in Huntington Beach has been harmed by overhead aircraft."...

I don't understand Ric. Do you live in Huntington Beach? If you don't, then how do you know there are a bunch of little pigs running around and that not one of them has been harmed?
Bob Keeping 2
I live right on the arrival/departure path - and ALL these NIMBY morons fly right over my house. Anyone who signs an aviation noise complaint must be put on the NO FLY list and stay there
Jim Bola 2
Isn’t making aircraft quieter better for everyone? I live in Fountain Valley which in next to Huntington Beach. My neighborhood is under approaches to KSNA and KLGB. I am an aviation enthusiast, USAF veteran, and former private pilot. I am not a “NIMBY” and defiantly not wealthy. I appreciate the efforts JetBlue has made.
Derek Vaughn 4
What a bunch of losers complaining about A320's. Makes me want to get a bunch of Starlifters and non-kitted 727's airworthy again to send to LGB and beat the hell out of that place.
LethalThreat 0
Agreed, and a few heavy 747-400’s wouldn’t hurt either.

Ant Miraa 1
BAC 1-11
I think the loudest bird I've heard in a long time was a air courier Learjet 24 out of BFI a couple years back.

Related sorta - I live a few miles from SEA, under the runway 34 departure path. Finding the sound of A350s to be rather unique; must be them newfangled Yoo-Ro-Peein flux capacitators...
paul gilpin 1
if george carlin were still here, he could be out at the end of the runway going "shhhhhhhhhhh".
carpetshoe 1
I don't understand why my comment with a link to the a320 whine project was deleted... anyway, very interesting analysis at a320 [no space] whine [dot] com


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